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Realplayer tools for thieves

By Snak ·
Yesterdays rant on Facebook patenting Friends' Updates (probably out of spite) prompted me to finally voice my concerns over Realplayers new "Steal this Vid/Music" feature.

I am very surprised they have been allowed to do it - and am boggled by the fact that I can hear no noise about it at all.

For those of you who do not know (and I'm actually reluctant to even mention it in a public forum, but there you go), the new Realplayer comes with an (automatically on) option whenever you hover over a video or music file, to steal ... sorry, download it.

As my site (and most others) contains copyrighted material, what right do Realplayer have to release a piece of software that enables theft?

And what (without huge cash reserves) can I do about it? My first thought was that this must be illegal, surely. What good are my promises to my site members when I say we do not allow people to download their material?

I'd be very interested in other Tech Republic Members' thoughts on this.

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You've got Hobson's choice

by NickNielsen In reply to Realplayer tools for thie ...

If you don't make the material available on the site, it won't get stolen...but then what's the point of the site?

I agree that copyright is important and the Internet has made copyright violation as easy as moving a finger, but let's be Real here. The format in which the media is saved makes no difference; the file must be downloaded to the local computer for reproduction. Other than the in-your-face option of "Steal This Vid/Music", how is RealPlayer any different from a browser add-on that saves the media locally? Or from the user who gets his media the old-fashioned way by extracting the files from the temp location?

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