realtek HD volume problems

By half ·
I have just rebuilt my puter with a Gigabyte GA-M61PME-SP2 M/B
It has Realtek HD on board the driver version is audio code ALC883.
I cant get the volume to go up very high.
Its not my logitec speakers as they work fine on my old board Asus A7N, With that M/B I could **** myself out of the room, These are so low you can just hear them, on full volume
I have gone through all the volume settings in windows and the realtek control manager,they are all at high, and the onboard has been selected

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Couple of things to check with this Sound Device

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to realtek HD volume problem ...

Make sure that you have plugged the speakers into the correct Socket. When you plug in anything you should get a Window Open asking what has just been plugged in and a suggestion.

If this didn't happen the Realtech Driver has not installed correctly.

Also as this is a HD Sound Device it relies on speakers connected to it to have a Built in Amplifier so if your speakers are not Active Speakers that need their own Power Source the volume will be very low as there is no Amplifier built into the Sound Device.

If you have not connected the Front Case Connections for the Headphones and Mic make sure that the Jumpers are still on the Front Panel Connectors on the M'Board as if these are missing they will cause sound problems. Also if you are plugging the speakers into the Front Case Socket that is only for Headphones and has even less Preamplification than the back connectors on the M'Board.


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by half In reply to Couple of things to check ...

These are definatly active speakers,and all the front panel connections work fine, Looking around the net it seems there are problems with this Realtek HD setup but I just wondered if anyone here had any experience with it.I relaoded the drivers and removed and replaced the output plug,The mixer box came up and I selected the right output. [line out] and it made no diffrence,if I select subwoofer,nothing happens at all so I presume it is right with line out,These speakers are 150w so I have never have any sound problems with them. They seem a bit stressed when you turn them up,They used to work fine and you only needed about 1/2 volume, or less to hear things really comfortable. Now you need full yolume to hear things,If you use the headset it is a pain. You can just hear stuff

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Well if this helps

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Realtek

This system has Realtech HD Sound as well as every new system that I've built recently. The sound isn't too much of an issue for me and can be turned up quite loud though if you select Sub Woofer only Low Frequency Bass should be feed to that Speaker so you may not get much noise at all and there will be no Highs.

Only thing I can think of here is that the driver is somehow wrong so if you have downloaded the newest driver try using the one that came with the M'Board Disc and if that doesn't work I would try another set of Speakers. I'm not a great Logitech Fan as I've had numerous problems with that brand equipment and when one set of 5.1 Speakers feed Mains Power back into the M'Board and fried it that was the last straw for me.

Well I wasn't so overly upset about the destroyed M'Board but the 220 V DC Shock that I got from the Speakers really peeved me off. Apparently the only thing still working in that set of speakers was the Bridge Rectifier so instead of getting hit with AC I got a DC Shock which is far more likely to kill you.

Maybe it was just the Electrical Inspectors that came out after the Meat Wagon was trying to take me away which was the last straw or the fact that the speakers didn't have the correct Electrical Labels on the Power Unit so they where not approved to be imported into AU. But ever since I now look at the actual Speakers and make sure that they have the correct Specification Label on them or I don't even consider them as a option.


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