Realtime broadcast of activity over net to remote location question

By DanLM ·
I was asked to help find a solution for a religious organization to broadcast their sermon from a main church to 1 satellite church.

I have no bloody idea. I was thinking and doing some googling about meeting software. But, shoot. That most likely is too expensive for a church.

The server the daemon would run from will most likely be UNIX/lynx. I imagine that the Os's that would connect and transmit would be windows. There are some sites out there that will host it, but that runs about 50 a month.

Shoot, I'm not even sure how I would go about figuring out the pricing. You have a sermon in one place only broadcasting to 1 other location. Would that be one to one?

Any suggestions?


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real time video

by CG IT In reply to Realtime broadcast of act ...

Church has to have some high speed internet connection. If they don't difficult to have real time video.

I'm only familar with a Windows solution, I'm sure Linux has something similar.

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