Realtime spyware protection

By wesley.chin ·
What are the benefits of realtime protection? Is it generally the same as it is SD's Teatimer? Is there something better than Teatimer for realtime protection?

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I use

by Dumphrey In reply to Realtime spyware protecti ...

spywareguard for real time protection. If you know and like teatimer I see no reason to change unless you are going to go for a paid product.

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You just need to disable it

by Dr Dij In reply to I use

if you're going to install something.
(which will modify the registry which it will block which can be irritating) but well worth the protection most of the time when you are not installing stuff.

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My weapon of choice is ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Realtime spyware protecti ...

Spyware Doctor, although it has to be said I find myself disabling it because it tends to slow everything down on occasions.

It's a paid-for product.

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by PC-guru In reply to Realtime spyware protecti ...

honestly tea timer from SD is about is good as it gets i would say to stay with it.
but a good addtion to it is Avast anti-virus
it has 7 on access scanners that work well but it will slow you down if you have less then 2 gigs of ram. but spybot is my number one spyware protector

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