RealVNC through 2003 Small Business server to workstation

By computerguy ·
Good day all!

I need to get VNC forwarded thru a Windows 2003 SBS server to a workstation....


Internet > Router > Server > Workstation 1, 2 & 3

I need to access workstation 1 remotely via VNC. I've got remote access to the server with Remote Desktop, but for some reason I can't get the port 5900 for vnc forwarded through the server to the workstation... I must have something configured incorrectly....

Workstation 1 has a static IP address, reserved at the server... wkstn 2 & 3 are given an address by the Server (DHCP). the server is a domain server... there's 2 NIC's on the server one incoming from the internet, the other controls the internal network.

If I put vnc on the server.. and try to access the server via vnc it works. How do I forward that connection from outside the network through the server to the workstation?

Oh yeah, I can ping the workstation from the server...the workstation accesses all server programs and internet correctly. However, if I open vnc viewer from the server and try to connect to the local IP (workstation), it will not connect.

And of course I've got someone breathing down my neck to get this working....

Thanks in advance!

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by computerguy In reply to RealVNC through 2003 Smal ...

Ok... I wasn't at the location, so I didn't think I could check a couple things. Plus it is during their normal business hours so I didn't want to try to get into their workstations remotely otherwise, cause I didn't want to boot anyone off.

So I gave them a call and found out if the workstation in question was being used so I could connect to it via Remote Web Workplace from the server (which I was remotely connected to). They said no one was using it, so I told them I was going to be working on it.

I logged in and my hunch was the windows firewall not opening the ports for VNC. My hunch was right. I opened port 5900 and everything worked like a charm!!!

Sorry to have taken your time, but that was the issue and I wanted to post that I had resolved it.

Take care all!!!

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