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    Reasons for more than one Local Password in XP


    by skrog ·

    We currently have XP systems on a Novell IP network that have 3 local accounts on them. One for Tech’s, one for Staff and one for Students. Students being the only limited account. I am looking for valid arguments for and against having things set up this way. Can anyone assist or give an opinion about this?

    For a little background on our network… We use or are about to use ZEN and do have some Windows servers which are not required to log into at bootup because we do not utilize them currently for any applications outside of Citrix apps at a few locations, DHCP, WINS and DNS or Web applications. However it has been kicked about that we start using or even migrating to a full Windows environment.

    Thanks all who respond.

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      Reasons for and against

      by klaushelpenstein ·

      In reply to Reasons for more than one Local Password in XP

      I can see the reason for having students limited especially if you are talking about naturally curious teenage students, that will tend to play around and snoop untill they crash your systems, I cannot see why the Techs and teachers need separate user accounts if they both have the same access privileges i.e they are both part of the administrators group, if the teachers where to have lesser privileges than the tech’s then they should be degraded to a group with lower privilegees such as power users, however if not then two groups would suffice.

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        Tech and teacher same

        by skrog ·

        In reply to Reasons for and against

        Only because we are a Novell shop and don’t require a windows domain login to push a policy and XP does not give you Power user like W2K did. XP is limited or Administrator unless authenticated to a Windows domain. (at least as best as I can tell). On our W2K system they are Power users.

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