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Reasons to buy a new PC

By rawfish ·
Can someone out there give me some help with proposing to the higher ups why a new computer is needed to do my job. I work the order desk and take care of the I.T duties in the company but I have trouble articulating my reasons for the request.besides the fact that my P2 3500 64 MB 10 GB HD is ready to croak:?[]>

Any help would be appreciated.


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by TheChas In reply to Reasons to buy a new PC

Well, I'm using a PII 350 with 384MB of RAM and W2K at work.

Yes, it is a bit slow. But, I cannot make a case that a faster PC would save the company any money.
I don't spend enough time running applications that are resource hogs.

You could start by pricing a couple worthwhile upgrades and see how they respond to that idea.
Adding 128MB or more RAM would provide a big boost.

Things that you can / should consider:

Does your PC have at least twice the minimum system requirements for ALL software used?
If not, you can justify that you will be able to perform some tasks faster with a new PC.

Security: Are you running an older version of Windows that might have some security holes?

On a realistic level, your cooling fans are generally the first thing to fail.
If you keep your fans and vents clean, your PC could run another 10 years.

Where I work, we are just starting to replace some 286 and older PCs. After over 10 years of running 24/7 they are croaking.
The problem is, our custom software code often won't run on even a 2 generation newer PC.

Last Thursday, I under-clocked a Pentium 166 to 75 MHz, disabled the cache, and set the RAM to the slowest modes, and it still runs too fast for software created on a 286!

My overall point, you need to identify a security issue, labor savings, or downtime cost if you want to convince most managers that you need a newer PC.


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by Oz_Media In reply to Reasons to buy a new PC

Actually you do have a reason for upgrading in that it will allow you to work seamlessly without the hangs and sandom systems errors you've been having lately.
You are well justified in asking for more RAM as you will be able to perform your work moe efficiently and multi task easier. You didn't mention what OS you are using but nless you are using Python or DOS, you need some more processing power due to hangs when multi[tasking.

It is cheaper to buy a refurb PIII 800 MHz than to buy upgrades at this poit as more ram is just going to show the other weaknesses in the system such as processor speed. I get a list of factory refurbs each week or so and a PIII 800, running Win2K is only about $250.00 Canadian.

If they expect you to work more efficiently and take on new tasks, run better network management software etc. then the price is easily justified.

I am also a licensed mechanic and have over $60,000 worth of tools, but I justify my costs the same way. It takes me longer to work (and it's dangerous)with low end or the wrong tools.

If you were a stock person and only needed yo run a netork based tracking program, it would be OK but for your job it isn't enough.

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by Oz_Media In reply to

You will notice that I have taken great care to ensure that my spelling was correct in my above response, it is something I pride myself in.

Either that or I just also had a 'sandom' system error.

Sorry for the typos.

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by sscsystems In reply to Reasons to buy a new PC

actions speak louder than words ^_^

spill some coke on it


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by vastelectronics In reply to Reasons to buy a new PC

have to agree with chas on this i manage a 45 user network and have the go ahead from the company president to perform whatever upgrade i deem necessary to keep the network running smoothly ,we repair or repl.pcs as they fail, I would upgrade ram to the max allowable and if not already running install win 2k pro i have several older laptops ie 166mhz -266mhz that have performance gains just by repl win98 with win2k

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