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Reasons why all Key DR Personnel should visit Designated DR Site for Test

By Powertank ·
Reasons why all Key DR Personnel should visit Designated Disaster Recovery Site during a scheduled Organizations DR Test

Over at my work department, we are debating the reasons why all Key DR Personnel team members should visit the Disaster Recovery site during the organization's scheduled DR Test and thus far, I can only come up with the followings:

(1). Familiarize themselves with the DR locale and work environment - like parking, commute, climate, traffic regulations, medical centers, fellow key personnel, etc.

(2). Test and confirm that they can physically access the DR Site with their ID badge and or door access code(s).

(3). Test and confirm that there are no network and device connectivity issues when interfacing from DR Center subnet or DMZ.

(4). Contribute to DR site improvement by suggesting ideas that can give our organization additional business advantages via cost cutting, process improvements, and site improvements that were observed during visit to site.

(5). Conduct tabletop exercises which, by definition, are done in a meeting room with limited number of key players and which requires that the key players be present; whereas in actual DR situations, key personnel that are unable to make it to the DR site can operate from a safe location.

I will like to know if anyone amongst you has any suggestions or idea where I can look to find more reasons to help bolster the case I am making in favor that every key DR Personnel should at least be at the site during tests and we can worry about where they are when disaster happens. Please advise - your ideas will be greatly appreciated.


Stanley Akanu

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