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reassigning and passing a variable as parameter in xsl

By kitty_ghai ·
I've the following structure of xml file
i'm accessing all the flight segments using the for-each loop but i need to maintain the arrival date of the previous flightsegment.I 'm trying the following code
<xsl:variable name="arrive"><xsl:value-of select='substring-after(preceding-sibling::node[current()]/arrivalDate," ")'/></xsl:variable>
it works fine for the first attempt but keep on retaining the value of the variable.
if someone can help me on this..plz

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Can't reassign a variable's value in XSLT

by kcollins In reply to reassigning and passing ...

I know it seems crazy, but once you have assigned a value to a variable in XSLT, you cannot reassign it to a new value! Maybe they should have called it <xsl:constant> instead.

My suggestion would be to get rid of the variable and just use the <xsl:value-of> statement in every place that you need that value.

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