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By ozzie4415 ·
What causes a OS to enter in repetitive rebooting instead of startup? Computer starts up, passes bios but at the point you expect startup, it reboots forever. Re-install the operating system, whichever, does not solve the problem. Please help. Thankyou

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by TheChas In reply to Reboot

Could be a number of things.

Power supply is undersized.
For most newer CPUs, you need at least 300 Watts, and may need 500 Watts or more.

Memory is not fully compatible with the motherboard.
While the memory may pass the POST test, it may have other problems that do not show up until Windows starts using it.

Windows is having problems initializing the APM or ACPI drivers.
You may need to disable APM and / or ACPI in BIOS settings until you get the motherboard drivers installed.

Bad motherboard / CPU

Problems with the IDE controller or hard drive.

Too much RAM.
For Windows 9X / Me, you want to install less than 511MB of RAM.

If this does not help, please add FULL system specifications.


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by scott.heath In reply to Reboot

Also consider that reinstalling the OS may not overwrite any corrupted boot files. if you press F8 can you go into any kind of safe mode? If it is Win9x can you get to the command prompt? If you can get into safe mode it is probably a drive issue. Try removing drivers one by one staring with video and network to see if it gets you up in normal mode.

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