Reboot After Login XP SP2

By mswirski0135 ·
Lately i have found that if i do not properly shut down my computer (e.g. start->shutdown) and just press the button, the next time i run windows after i login it will automatically reboot, then i will get an error(after it tries again) that the boot or POST encountered an error, and to go to default settings in bios, then restart again. This also seems to happen if i do use a proper shutdown. Sometimes, it will let me back in after as few as 1 restarts, to 7(today). So, to shorten that up; boot->login->restart->restart->error->bios setup->restart->login->restart until works.

This can get extremely annoying. The computer I'm running is well capable, and was recently purchased. I am 200% positive that it cannot be malware/virus, as i've had firewall, router, and other utilities since day 1, and do not visit sites that could give my computer these ailments. Also, i do not think it is power supply related. I have a green lcd fan, and a open window case. My cpu fan runs fine, the temp is low/normal, and the light never goes off, so i doubt its powersupply/overheat related. My harddrives are both new, Seagate SATA harddrives, so i doubt they are corrupt, but perhaps they arent plugged in correctly, or came loose (could this be the culprit? ill check tomorow when i get time).

Is there anything else that could cause this problem?

NOTE: It is not an infinite reboot, i can eventually get onto windows, it is not spyware, it is not overheat/powersupply related, and it is not a corrupt harddrive.


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A point of information for you...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Reboot After Login XP SP2

To quote: "I am 200% positive that it cannot be malware/virus, as i've had firewall, router, and other utilities since day 1, and do not visit sites that could give my computer these ailments."

That is as may be - but you GO ONLINE.
And that is all you need to do to run a risk of infection.

I'm not impressed by anyone who forms the habit of shutting down by pressing the power switch - that practice, certainly has not done your system any favours - would you turn your car ignition switch to the OFF position while you were barreling down a motorway at 70mph?

I'll get back on the other points - just thought I'd let you know the obvious things firstly, up front.

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"The computer I'm running is well capable" . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Reboot After Login XP SP2

Could you expand on this technical term?

Your description is very loquacious, and well typed. Unfortunately it doesn't tell us very much.

What type of computer?
What operating system?
Size of RAM?
Optical drive(s)?
Graphics card(s)?
Size of power supply?
Size of Harddrives?
Configuration of Harddrives?
Types of keyboard / mouse?
What is this beast of a machine used for?
How recent is "recently purchased"?

More info please.

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Alot of Info.

by mswirski0135 In reply to "The computer I'm running ...

@ First comment, i don't shut down using the power button, but at a point i was beta testing a game, and it would freeze on logout because of an incompatibility with my motherboard(i have since deleted the game, after finding this out).
So i do now use the start->shutdown.
Anyways response #2;
TYPE: Desktop/Full Case
O/S:As i said in topic WinXP SP2
Motherboard: ASUS M2N32 SLI EDITION DELUXE Socket AM2
RAM: 2 Gigs (1 gig sticks dual channeled)
OPTICAL DRIVE: DVD Combo (DVD/CD Write + Burn)
PSU:400W(need 270)
HARDDRIVES: 1 80Gig HDD from Seagate, 1 320gig HDD from Seagate.
CONFIG: SATA(not sure what else u want me to put)
TYPES OF PERIPHERIALS: keyboard is a G15, mouse is a Atech X750-F
USE: Games, 3D Rendering Programs (C4D), photoshop, internet.

PURCHASE DATE: I had it all assembled beginning of feburary, put on comodo firewall, spyware terminator, ad aware se, AVG anti spyware, used quite a few check utilities, run firefox with adblock addons, using almost max security(custom made though, so it doesnt screw up everything).I also use a router, with ip switching every 3 minutes(might be 5minutes but dont think so). I have used several tools, online, offline, dos-based, all have said that i dont have any holes, and i have all my spyware/virus scanners scan twice a day (morning till noon- evening till night). So like i said it can't be a virus/malware because either A) i wouldnt get it from my protection B) i don't go on any sites that would be a big source for malware.

Anyways if you need anything more, let me know. I bought all this stuff and tested it individually with a 256 stick of RAM.


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Proper Reply

by mswirski0135 In reply to Alot of Info.

I don't really think you needed to know all of that data.You could of just came up with an answer, that if it is not spyware, it is not overheat/powersupply related, and it is not a corrupt harddrive, then what could it be?

Anyways atleast you answered, hopefully i can get this figured out.

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Adhering STRICTLY to the terms of your question:

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Proper Reply

"if it is not spyware, it is not overheat/powersupply related, and it is not a corrupt harddrive, then what could it be?"

Possibly an Act of God!

- That's just a guess, I turned my back on God years ago.

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by DownRightTired In reply to Reboot After Login XP SP2

Ok to clarify some things:
Did you say the PC is rebooting AFTER you login to windows? Or is it rebooting at the splash screen while windows is loading?

Have you done any overclocking or changes to BIOS?
Once you go back into your BIOS are the settings you previously set the same or have they changed?

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by mswirski0135 In reply to Bios/POST

It reboots AFTER i manage to log in.
No overclocking to bios, but gfx card came overclocked(shouldnt affect anything).
I did not notice, but i assume they stayed the same.

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by DownRightTired In reply to After,

are you able to get in in safe mode? Id try that first.

You may have overdosed on anti-virus software from the sounds of it. Theres some process running at startup thats causing it to do that, Ive had this happen when norton screwed up. Or possibly a conflict of some sort between all those AV and other tools you have, since most of these load first. Were it a virus it would more than likely LET windows boot up so it could run.

Also theres no such thing as a fool proof AV package.

Try booting into safe mode and checking your startup programs. If you cant do this or it doesnt solve the problem you may have to get your XP disc and do a system repair.

you mentioned youre video card was overclocked i think? How was this done? through windows software? is it heavily overclocked?

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by mswirski0135 In reply to hmm

I can defiantly run in safe mode, and i already know whats on my startup, so what do i need to run safemode for(the computer runs already, so its not like i cant get on to check things). The only things i have on boot are Comodo Firewall and Spyware Terminator, specifically because both monitor if anything gets added to the list of boot up items. All of my programs have been fully allowed by each invididual program, and i recieve no errors while running. However,i do think that would make sense, if one program caught the other adding to the list of boots, then restarts to stop it, however i don't know what/why it would add anything.

Is there someway to find out what each application is doing? (e.g. a history log for errors from windows?)

As for the graphics card, it was overclocked out of the box, by BFG, so im assuming its fine (rather heavily overclocked, but this is a lower end model, which uses a high end cpu, so it can handle the overclocking.)

Anyways thanks for the replies, however i don't think this issue is much to worry about, as now it only happens if i crash/hard reboot.

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that makes sense

by DownRightTired In reply to Well,

im not familiar w/ that specific software but its probably set up to run some kind of script or action when you go through the shutdown process. if you hard reboot it doesnt get to, so as soon as you login and the program starts up it sees that it wasnt properly shutdown for some reason, performs some kind of action and reboots itself? maybe. i dunno, just speculation.

youd have to check the programs documentation or look around in the settings to see if it keeps logs somewhere. it may create its own log source in the event viewer, which you can get to through administrative tools or the mmc

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