"Reboot and Select proper Boot Device"

By rico_romance ·
Building a new system, all components are mechanically functioning, when booting:
Asus logo screen,

"Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. RAID BIOS Setting Utility v1.05_964"
(c) 2003-2005 Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. All Rights Reserved.
Press Ctrl+S to Enter Setup or Esc to skip waiting
Primary Master: WD2500JS-60NCB1 232GB UDMA5
Secondary Master: WD2500JS-60NCB1 232GB UDMA5

"Reboot and Select proper Boot Device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key"

Seems to not be identifying the 80gb IDE HDD when booting. The BIOS recognizes the 80gb HDD, lists all specs, has it listed in the Boot sequence, but I keep getting the error. Pulled out the 80gb HDD, placed in a WinXPpro machine, ran Western Digital's LifeGuard Diagnostic tools, HDD passed all tests, wrote zeroes to HDD, I converted to Basic Disk, created Primary Partition, drive letter assigned, put back in the new tower, same error message. Tried different jumper settings, tried with slave, same error message. Tried without SATA drives connected, after Asus logo screen, states for Primary & Secondary Master: "<SATA device not found>".

Created MS-DOS Startup Disk from WinXPpro machine, used in new tower, ran, gave me the A:> prompt. Also tried using a drive (with lots of data on it), in the new tower, "NTLDR is missing."

I'm out of ideas. While researching, this site said it's probably a bad drive (http://hardware.mcse.ms/archive69-2005-4-175018.html). I didn't post that question.


mobo: p4s800dx
cpu: p4, 3GHZ fsb 800
ram: 2GB Kingston ddr-400 (1gb sticks)
HDD1: 80gb WD on primary IDE
HDD2: 250gb SATA
HDD3: 250gb SATA
DVDRW/CDRW: Plextor PX716A (secondary IDE, master)
DVDRW/CDRW: Samsung SH-S182M (secondary IDE, slave)
FD 3.5"

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by rico_romance In reply to "Reboot and Select proper ...

no OS; it's supposed to do that. Also, the master dvdrw/cdrw was bad. BIOS was recognizing it, but drive wasn't reading. Freakin' noob.

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Change from Master to CS

by sw1james In reply to "Reboot and Select proper ...

I tried everything various sites recommended but nothing worked. I was about to put in a new hard drive, but decided just to change the pin from "Master" to "Cable Select". I never thought it would do anything but it solved the Reboot problem!!!And windows loads much faster.

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