Reboot of server takes long time.

By venkat17 ·
Hi Guys.we have server 2003 and almost 25 pc's connected to it.We have configured file server,DNS server,Apllication server,Remote access /vpn server and also installed SQL server.The problem is when ever I restart my server for some reason it takes almost 3 hrs to get to normal desktop.I cannot see the sharing tab when i select the properties of the folder which i would like to share.When i restart the server then its getting normal.within 5 mins from the reboot all clients can connect to server but the desktop page come after 2:30 to 3 hrs.please help me to fix this issue guys.waiting for your reply as soon as possible.

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Well for starters the Actual Hardware in the Server would help

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Reboot of server takes lo ...

But assuming that is all OK and exceeds the needs of 2003 I would be looking for DNS conflicts on the network.


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Checked The DNS already

by venkat17 In reply to Well for starters the Act ...

HI Friend thx for the post and i checked the DNS already.Its working fine and we have given the ISP's Ip as the preferred Dns.i have some more problems like often my clients cant connect to server.The shared folders automatically goes unshare and when i try to share it again i cannot see the sharing tab in the folders properties.So i reboot my server.After rebooting withing 5 mins all the clients can connect to server but it takes 2 to 3 hrs for the desktop to come.pls help me with all these.

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What's the server made of here?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Checked The DNS already

Also what is running as it starts?

I've seen a Server that was so underpowered and overworked that it took about 45 minutes to an Hour to start and probably another 35 minutes to shut down. But it was only a P4 CPU with 512 MEG of RAM and to make it a Server it had a RAID 1 Array.

In that case it had no where near enough System Resources for what it was being asked to run and they where loading well over 150 services when it started, so it took forever to shut down and restart. That's why they didn't bother turning it off ever.

But as a double check you could disconnect it from the Network and do some Diagnostics with something like the Ultimate Boot CD available free to download here

You should check the Installed RAM, CPU and HDD's at the very least but I would also check the Network Connections for correct function. Not to mention opening the case and making sure that it's clean inside.

I've seen some really strange behavior with cases filled with gunk and other rubbish that has been sucked in over time. Slow starting is just one of the things that happens.


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"we have given the ISP's Ip as the preferred Dns."

by seanferd In reply to Checked The DNS already

This ONLY in Forwarders, right? Your ISP's DNS server addresses should not be anywhere else.

Or are you saying you don't run a local DNS server at all in your network?

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