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By Blair B. ·
Hello! I want to start off by saying that I appreciate any help you guys can give. Here we go: earlier to tonight I was working on some assignments, however my Windows 7 "search indexing" stopped working! I couldn't find any of the files I needed (at least through the search option). So, naturally, I researched the problem. I came across some different articles and tried the solutions but my problem persisted. The two main things I think I need to point out is the fact that I messed with my windows registry and updated my Intel Rapid Technology .... I had restarted though, after doing this, and it worked. BUT about an hour later my computer froze, I tried ctrl alt del but it insisted on staying frozen... Then I did something bad... Because it had been frozen for so long I force shut down /: I know I shouldn't have, but I did... Once I tried restarting I got the message "reboot and select proper boot device." I have tried pretty much every website for solutions and none of them worked. Finally, I decided to use my Windows 7 installation disk to REPAIR my computer. Now it is saying : "the current repair operation cannot be canceled." Any tips on what my next step should be? I really can't lose my files, but if it comes to that.. Well I have no choice! Sorry for the lack of info on the computer specs but because it is stuck I can't get to them. I know that it is custom built, Windows 7 -- 32 bit, and running with ASUS and Intel. All help will be appreciated.

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"It's not a tumor!" ... ( Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kindergarten Cop (1990) )

by Sven2157 In reply to Reboot to select... Start ...

Hi Blair,

I personally don't understand this mentality of 'worst case scenario', which everyone seems to have. If you get a pain in your arm, do you go to the doctor to have your arm amputated? No. Why? Because these things just happen. Same with your computer. Sometimes there is no problem, but the fact that something just stopped working; for whatever reason.

Immediately assuming that there is a need to research the problem and try every solution that is returned by Google, is ridiculous. Then to edit your registry, knowing that there is potential for disaster, but doing so anyway( and blindly I might add ), is what makes amateur computer users very, very dangerous.

You mentioned, in your wall of text, that you tried several possible solutions. However, you never say what it was that you tried. Is there any reason that you didn't try to reboot your computer, when this first happened?

Had you tried 'SFC SCANNOW' from the command line? What others did you try? What Intel® Rapid Technology did you update( Rapid Storage? - Rapid Start? )?

Windows 7 doesn't have a 'REPAIR' function anymore; not since Vista, actually. There is however, a 'Repair Startup' function, for when your computer will no longer boot.

Is the message, "the current repair operation cannot be canceled.", coming from the startup repair? If it is, then you just need to wait it out. Once it is done, see if it boots to your desktop. If so, how much hard drive space is left open? If not, what is it saying now?

From what I can see by your post, is your hard drive full, or less than 10% free? The search indexing in Windows needs someplace to put the information it is gathering, and if your HDD is full( or nearly full ) then it can cause problems similar to this.

Let us know! Good Luck!


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