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Rebooting all the time

By Yuki_chan ·
The computer starts normally with one beep, until it returns a black and white screen saying that software or hardware changes have been made in the computer since I last used the computer. Then it gives me 5 options:
1. start in safe mode
2. start in safe mode with networking
3. start in DOS
4. start with last known good configuration
5. start windows normally

The first time, I chose option 4 and I arrived at the Windows logo but then it beeps again and restarts the computer. After this it comes backt to the smae black and white screen as before, this time I choose option 1 and the same thing happens again.
What should I do? Is it a trojan? I do not want to have to format my drive. Please help.

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by dmiles In reply to Rebooting all the time

The beep is the general beep that gives bios okay,it could be a software or software problem
1)Check the video card to see if it is working properly and seated in slot
2)The video drivers may be corrupt thus giving you the black and white screen
3)Check the memory modules are seated in slots properly.

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by pierrejamme In reply to Rebooting all the time

Just had this same thing applying SP2 to XP pro. In my case, upgrading the BIOS fixed it. have you tried that?
Have you applied any software or Windows updates lately?

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by bea94457 In reply to Rebooting all the time

I would start in the sfae mode and defrag your hard drive and then run a virus scan to see if it is a hidden virus. If you come out back to the same screen then I would reinstall windows again there is a file corrupted if that is no it then its a hardware problem but more likely a file is corrupted.

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by teal_45 In reply to Rebooting all the time

with something like this it might be the cmos battery that is dying on you
i would also run a check disk to see if theres any logical file errors on hd itself causing the prob

hope this helps :)

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by lhuckabee In reply to Rebooting all the time

I worked on 3 pc, that did the exact same thing.
2 of the pc had there MOBO go bad, the other had
a bad ram stick.
Did you install a new app, or in stall a new hardware device that caused this after you rebooted, if not could be that a piece of hardware if failing.

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