Rebooting every once and a while....

By kevin_anderson ·
I have a computer at my hose with XP Home. Been working great for a couple years, now it has started to reboot every once and a while. The code reads:

Error code 0000009c, parameter1 00000001, parameter2 8054e5f0, parameter3 b6000000, parameter4 00000181.

I only place 2 more gigs of Ram (to 4) about a year ago. I would rebuild Win XP, but the comments from Microsoft tells me it's hardware. Where do I start?

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Try removing the two new RAM modules.

by seanferd In reply to Rebooting every once and ...

See how you get on. (Is this a 32-bit machine? If so, you aren't really using the fourth stick at all...)

Try with 3 sticks.

It could also be that the RAM sticks don't work well together, particularly if from different vendors.

Otherwise, it could be another hardware component or overclocking.

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Well as stated above it could be a Timing Issue between the different RAM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Rebooting every once and ...

And no I personally wouldn't recommend removing the 4 th Module as while it may not being used by the OS itself it may be contributing to the M'Board running in Dual Chanel Mode and removing it will adversely affect the performance of the system.

You can use the Ultimate Boot CD to do some Dis agnostics it's available for free download and use here


Just make sure to click on the actual download and not the add though.

When you burn this to CD you can boot off it and test all of the Hardware but as the First Thing I would suggest removing the covers and cleaning out the Dust and other Crud that is in there particularly any Crud that is in the CPU's Heat Sink and if you have a GPU it's Heat Sink as well.

Low Pressure Compressed Air or canned Air can be used to blow out the crap but just make sure that you stop any fans from spinning. If they spin they will generate power which isn't good for the electronics.


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