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By ericus882 ·
I was working on my PC and all of a sudden the Sreen went blank so I tried using another monitor but no avail.I have change the VGA and the Memory still no responding. Please what will be the possible cause even I don't hear any beep or alert signal. Someone suggested that it might be from either Power supply or the motherboard. I don't know because the Power supply is working properly and has no fault.so if it is the mother board how should I go about it to locate the fault?

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Check this

by jeanbartbassam In reply to Re:Booting failure

Possibilities are (Check by sequence):
Dead Power Supplier
Defective Mother Board

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A few things to try

by The Scummy One In reply to Re:Booting failure

First, unplug the unit for a minute or so, plug it back in. Is it working again?

If not, do you have an on-board video card, or an add-in (via slot)? If it is on-board only, try putting in an add-in card. If it is an add in card, either replace it or use the on-board card (remove the add-in).

Is there any change?
If not, lets look at you MB, is the RAM loose? reseat to be sure.
try other memory chips, or pull 1 (or more) of the RAM out of your system and test the different chips, and seating positions. Please note, many units require paired sets of RAM to work properly.

Does the fan spin on the Power Supply?
also, you can try unplugging devices to see if they are interfering with other resources on the system.

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