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    Rebooting in Prompt?


    by shs_bulldog ·

    Anyone know how to reboot in the command line prompt??

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      Rebooting in Prompt?

      by dle ·

      In reply to Rebooting in Prompt?

      I am guessing you are using Windows 9x?

      To restart: rundll user.exe,exitwindowsexec

      To shut down: rundll user.exe,exitwindows

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      Rebooting in Prompt?

      by tmw2001 ·

      In reply to Rebooting in Prompt?

      Use the resource kit command-line utility shutdown.exe .
      For example, to restart the local computer you would type: shutdown /L /R .
      There are other useful switches for this command. To see them, type shutdown /? from a prompt.

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