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rebooting PC

By downon ·
At times my PC will reboot for no reason

Most of the time I am listening to music (windows Media Player)

Or I am working on a document

Sometimes I get the blue screen (ntoskrnl.exe error)

When I had roadrunner the PC would reboot at least once a day when I was on the internet

Here is the specs to my PC

CPU 2.40b P4 533mhz bus
RAM Kingston 512mb 333mhz DDR PC2700 DIMM CL2.5
HD Western Digital 80g HD
Video MSI g4 it4200 64mb ddr
Motherboard Asus P4S8X Pentium 4 MBD
OS Win2000 Pro

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by jkaras In reply to rebooting PC

Usually reboots are due to bad Power supplies. How big and what brand is your power supply? I suggest testing the rails to ensure proper +5 +12 and -5 and -12. How old is the system? Any of the above new hardware since the problem emerged? I forget where but I think in the MMC there is a spot that you can turn off reboot if problem happens, but I cant remember where or what the exact wording is. I dont like the kernel error though. I take it your running NT?

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by jkaras In reply to

duh, I just saw the Win2k, dam St. Patty's day morning after.... I'm feelin slow, Guiness rules by night and sucks in the morning. Happy Hangovers everyone.

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by pittman_jeff In reply to rebooting PC

Power Supply or Heat Problem.

I Tshooted a couple systems that would shut down after 3/4 hours of operations. Then I saw the power supply fan not moving or the actual MoBo caked in dust just cooking itself to a slow death. There's a couple freeware programs out on the net that takes your system's temps, try them

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by Orpheum In reply to rebooting PC

if you've gotten the blue screen, that means it's a windows issue not hardware. you will need to elaborate a lot more plus run a gauntlet of system tests.
generally ntoskrnl errors on blue screens which are coupled with involuntary reboots require immediate virus scans.
it is the core kernel (or deployment workhorse) which initially loads win2k and then calls upon the remainder of the GUI boot process, while continuing to run in the background to support win explorer and app launches.
this is simply the definition.
now what to check for is in the event viewer in admin tools.
sounds like your hardware is quite adequate.
in event viewer you'll see the red x and the time the error occured. this will give you some insight into what happened. you could have a virus, a program you aren't aware may not be compatible with 2k or just a corrupt windows system (general term i know, but then again, this is microsoft we're talking about)
if you can elaborate more on events leading up to the reboot or blue screen, i can help you further.

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