Reboots with no reason.

By kroseinaz ·
I have purchased a custom build tower that since May of 07 I have gone back and forth with the supplier because of the condition I will describe. The computer will randomly reboot without any visible reason. It can go for 10 minutes or hours, then suddenly shut down and restart. This is actually the second tower the company has shipped to me. This one (#2) was returned for service twice now, the first time they said the motherboard needed replaced. The second time (after they shipped it to me and it didnt work) was because the drivers they supplied (via the net) were wrong, so I demanded they install the right drivers. Running XP Pro, updated service pack 2. Upon return the second time it had a device error message(which it seemed to be relative to the wireless card) which I replaced, but after a few hours, started the rebooting problem again. Device Manager did not show any issues. I did a system restore, which took it back to the factory when they did the driver installs, but it did not include the wireless card driver.
ASUS M2A-VM ATX MB with an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ processor. 1 G Ram
Any help would be great, (before I just shoot the thing)

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Power Audit

by jswentworth In reply to Reboots with no reason.

I need to know every peripheral you have plugged into the machine, every PCI and AGP card, and the wattage on your power supply.
The behavior you are describing most frequently occurs due to either overheating, or an inadequate power supply.

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to JS

by kroseinaz In reply to Power Audit

Power supply is 350 watt. Only PCI peripheral is the wireless card, which I have removed or installed.
AGP is ATI Radeon X1250 Graphics. On this item, the original driver did not work, they had to send me an older version, which ultimately they installed (after it failed when I tried).
In case it makes any difference, I purchased this POS from Tiger Direct, which had Systemax build it.
This is almost a bare bones system. I didnt need alot of wiz bang stuff with it.

On another note, when it rebooted the last time, the case was open with no obstructions.

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by kroseinaz In reply to Power Audit

It was the power supply. I replaced it (with same wattage) and it works great now. Thanks for the feedback!

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Sounds like you've had the runaround

by Jacky Howe In reply to Reboots with no reason.

It could also be caused by faulty memory. Download and run this. Let it run for as long as you can.

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Thanks True Blue

by kroseinaz In reply to Sounds like you've had th ...

I will give this a shot when I put it up on the bench again.
Its a crap shoot if the thing will stay stable or not while running the link you suggested.

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Jeeze Mate

by Jacky Howe In reply to Thanks True Blue

you are in a dither. Can't use a friends PC to download and burn the ISO?
The reason for running Memtest is that I had the same problem last week. I replaced the Power Supply, cleaned and reseated the CPU and still had the problem. This is an older PC that has Rambus RAM which is hideously expensive. I ended up tricking the PC by swapping the RAM to different slots. I managed to stop the rebooting for the time being. It will keep the client happy until I can replace the PC.

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True Bro

by kroseinaz In reply to Jeeze Mate

Thanks for your concern True. When this system originally failed I bought another from Dell that works great. I already down loaded the diagnostic onto my good computer. I just need to burn a disc with the diagnostic and run it. After months of screwing with this thing I have to walk away for a day or 2 just to keep me from throwing it or shooting it. I will let you know how it goes in a day or 2. Good Day to ya!

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by kroseinaz In reply to True Bro

The reason for the rebooting was the power supply. I replaced it and all is well now. Wanna buy a puter? :)
Thanks Tru for the feedback. Its always a pleasure to chat with one of you guys from down under.

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Glad that

by Jacky Howe In reply to success!

you are up and running. :)

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