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rebroadcasting wireless signal

By wturbyfill ·
I have a linksys wusb54gvz and wrk54g router. Problem is: I pick up a signal from the source, and the linksys utility tells me i am connected to the router and the internet, I am putting out a signal from the router, but can't surf with my laptop. I can access the router wirelessly. Is it possible to do what I am trying to do? Could a low signal from the source have an adverse effect on redistributing the signal? Any help is appreciated!!

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You would be better to place this in the TQ & A section

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to rebroadcasting wireless s ...

As you'll get auto generated updates when anyone replies and more likely you'll find someone within your own time zone to help you out.

Personally I avoid Wireless like the plague because of security issues and only have any form of wireless connection on LT's that can access the net from public hot spots while the sales reps are out on the road or traveling otherwise it is all hard wired stuff for me.

But shouldn't the router be broadcasting the signal and not reporting you being connected to the Internet? From what I've read on this subject you should be receiving the signal on a receiving station and using the router to rebroadcast it.


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be complete in your research

by shiny_topadm In reply to rebroadcasting wireless s ...

Your neighbor (who pays for the cable service) and you have a lot to lose if the cable company in question does not allow this type of service. Rebroadcast for public access is against the published TOS for a "home" connection for all the cable companies that we have dealt with, so you should check... they can terminate your service on suspicion of violation, so don't assume anything.

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by mattreeves84 In reply to rebroadcasting wireless s ...

I am very familier with those linksys proucts, change your chanel to a low number from the main system in our network, make a WEB encryption with a 10 digit hex number, make sure all your anti- virus programs are Disabled at this time, this should take care of your problem is not let me know, hope this helps PS.. make sure you restart the systems in the network, and run a ipconfig /all in the command prompt. another good tip is to upgrade to SP2 if you have not yet.


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by cp7212 In reply to easy

FYI - The proper term is WEP encryption - Wired Equivalent Privacy.

If an option to go to a 26 hexadecimal WEP is available, that should be used, since it will be public. A 104-bit password is stronger than a 40-bit password.

I would also be wary of using someone's connection to broadcast publicly. I would think the FCC might frown on that, let alone what the broadband provider might think. I think this is definitely a look before you leap issue.

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rebroadcasting wireless

by dale In reply to rebroadcasting wireless s ...

Check the ip address and make sure that a dns address is included. sometime this information does not get rebroadcast properly

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