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    Rebuild network, 2000 to 2003 server?


    by camy2079 ·

    Hello everyone…

    I’m currently planning on taking my single server network (w2k) to a multiple server network using 2003 server. I also will be upgrading from 2000 exchang to 2003.

    **I want to preserve my exchange mailboxes and AD settings.


    -1 server with 50 users.
    -comapny.local domain
    -2000 server and exchange


    -3 servers (DC, file/print share, Secondary DC, and web/mail.
    -2003 server and exchange
    -possibly rename the domain to from company.local (I host web and mail)

    My questions are:

    -Should I set up one of the new servers with 2003, then use ADMT to trasnfer AD to it from the oringal 2000 server. Then reformat this server with 2003, then add it back to the new domain.
    If so, what about the tranfering operations master roles?
    -How can I transfer the exchange mailboxes thereafter?
    -If I change the domain name can I use ADMT with different domains, do trusts need to be established first?

    Finally, does anyone have an opinion on domain names, I host web/mail/dns do I need to move from .local to .com. My only though is issues with reverse lookups since my DN will be server@company.local not a FQDN. Alternativly I could have my ISP host the DNS and point to my public server and retain the .local domain.


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