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Rebuild RAID 5 Virtual Drive PowerEdge 830

By ksdst1 ·
Hi...this is in regard to a Dell PowerEdge 830, P4, @3GB ram, with a Perc 4e/DC UtlraScsi 320 controller, Raid 5, 4-swappable internal drives (D:, E:). There is also an external 1E, 4 drive Raid array (F:) I am in the process of rebuilding Disk 0 that failed using Dell OpenManage, with a new same sized Dell OEM drive for this server. However, it is VERY slow. Almost 45 min for each % of completion.

I can not take the second external array or server offline b/c of the need for user access (which is actually not much). Is this a normal speed? Why so slow?

Also, my first rebuild. Do I have to restart the server or something else in order to have the rebuilt virtual drive array re-appear as a valid drive when the rebuild is 100% complete?

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RAID-5 rebuild

by johnl-tpa In reply to Rebuild RAID 5 Virtual Dr ...

First and formost you should consider a Raid Certification course when you get past this issue.

First you failed to mention the drive size for each of the drives. If the drive you replaced is smaller it will make the other drives equally smaller. If this drive is larger it will be made equally smaller. If this drive is idenically equal to the other drives this is the best choice. These sinerios will have a direct impact on your rebuild time and possibly if you stay employed.

In your Raid-Array management software there is a setting to adjust how much cpu time is dedicated to your rebuild. Most software managers have(are) set to 30%-45% by default. Now the CPU is chugging along between ,system/user processing, hardware and hardware requests and then add in raid management software and the system is crawling. Keep in mind that raid-5 is make-in magic by calculating and saving the data that you lost when the drive died.

So be patient because drive matching, drive capacity and software is what dictates rebuild speed. The lack of knowledge and experience makes your first rebuild agonizing at best.

The software should take of the rest. No on the restart (reboot). Dell's websites should have some operation manual available if yours is missing in action.

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Reponse To Answer

by ksdst1 In reply to RAID-5 rebuild

Thanks for the reply...It would have been helpful of me to mention the size :-) They are all Dell OEM 300GB drives. I combed all the Dell PowerEdge manuals/documentation about rebuilding the drive/array and did web searches, but did not come across the info to increase the % processing setting for the perc card.

Can I and if so where in omsa is it possible to check this setting while the rebuild is running just to know what the setting is? Is it possible to pause the rebuild and increase those resources? The other external array still is being accessed by users so I'm not sure how to determine the proper % for the card that will not cripple the access to the 2nd array.

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This is the best I can do for you.

by johnl-tpa In reply to Rebuild RAID 5 Virtual Dr ...

This server most likely is under warranty/support. Dell has a great server support line. They will be glad to directly explain and or walk you through what you need to do.

The following link is needed reading before call them.

Consider Dell Server Certs and at least their Raid/Array Cert. Sooooon.

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