rebuild RAID O array on an Adaptec 2120S | status array: degraded

By kasper.ilaug ·
Change status array from degraded to normal on a Adaptec 2120S Raid 0 setting:

ASUS AP1700 server, Adaptec 2120S controller with four IBM Ultrastar 146 GB disks, Windows server std 2003.

lost array in RAID 0 when rebooting server. One of the disk where taken out of system as a demonstration on how SWAP disks works! It would have been no problem if the RAID 5 had been installed which a written log indicated. However in this system a RAID O was installed and when inserting the disk and rebooting the server the Adaptec controller does not recognise the array. That?s obvious when a disk in a RAID O fails, but is there any way to rebuild this array? All disks are in perfectly condition and the controller get access to all disk, tests etc.

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Call Adaptec Tech Support

by bcpgm In reply to rebuild RAID O array on a ...

If there was nothing done to the HD after it was taken out, it should be OK.

I once had to replace a MB with on-board RAID 0 and there was no problem at all.

Just to be safe, ghost each HD. Then call Adaptech Tech Support. They should know more than anybody. They built it.

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Adaptec support | Ghost HD

by kasper.ilaug In reply to Call Adaptec Tech Support

Adaptec is not able to give support because in Asus P1700 sever there is a OEM controller and they advice to ASUS. Asus does not even have a number to call so that posibilites is zero.

How do I run Ghost on a HD which is mounted in a RAID 0 array when the array is degraded?

The only program I can load is BIOS on the controller and there are no posibilites to change status on array or get access to disks.

Can I mount each disk on Adaptec 2940 and access each disk with Ghost without removing data from array?

My objectives is to have access to files for backup and then reinstall MS server 2003 on a new initiated array that will be a RAID 5 setup.

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by mark.brewster In reply to Adaptec support | Ghost H ...

use /ia option on ghost. It will do a sector by sector image of the disk.

so like this.. ghost /ia

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