Rebuilding a drive in raid

By macbach ·

Hi Guy's, I'm new to this, so I apologise if i'm posting this in the wrong area, my problem is this, i'm running a server, SBS 2003, everything was working fine until one of the drives failed, I'm only using onboard Raid software, I replaced the new drive and it came up with the message that "Port 1 is in rebuilding State" and then a warning: Array(s) in Degraded Mode!!!.
Do you know how long it takes to rebuild the drive (WD Raptor ATA 74gig)? and was there something I needed to do to the drive first.
Any help would be grateful,


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Knowing the M'Board Maker & Model would help here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Rebuilding a drive in rai ...

As everything depends on what you are using here.

With Software RAIDS the instruction Book for the M'Board is the best first source of advice on how to rebuild a RAID Array.

By your description the Rebuild didn't occur and the Degrades State is because 1 HDD is missing from the array.


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Make of board

by macbach In reply to Knowing the M'Board Maker ...

Hi Col,
The board i'm using is an Intel Entry Server Board, model SE7221BA1-E, so do you think it's not in the Rebuild state at the moment because it's brought up the warning about the degraded state, it won't allow me to go into the Raid utility, it has scanned the port and found the new drive, but there it stays, if I installed a Raid card, do you think I could get the Server to start, my main question here is how long should it take to finish the rebuild, in an ideal world.

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Well as Intel says they don't think that you need the ability to

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Make of board

Rebuild a RAID Array with their M'Boards so they didn't build that into the RAID Controller like what is available in the Promise Technology RAID Controllers.

If you have formatted the drive and you can not get to the stage where the Array is rebuilt I think that you may have to physically rebuild the array by doing a In Place Install.

Even if you where to install a RAID Controller you would still have to do a Repair Install just to setup the RAID Controller so I would tend to stick with what was working previously. Format up the Drive and try repairing the RAID Array and if that doesn't work try an In Place install of the OS. I think that once you format up the HDD that you should be able to reestablish the Array but it may be necessary to do an In Place Install of the OS if that doesn't work.


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