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rebuilding PC: No Video Input

By ccdean100 ·
I have transferred my PC from a slimline case to a standard one. The only other thing I have changed is the CPU fan and power supply.

I have had some problems getting the system to stay powered up, but have resolved that (didnt have power button connectedto mobo). The problem now is that the monitor is not picking up a video signal (message on screen "no video input"). I'm using the same graphics card:

GeForce 7100 GS (PCI-express)

Can anyone help?

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check CPU Fan

by bogsibogs_102002 In reply to rebuilding PC: No Video I ...

kindly try to check the CPU fan if it is working while booting up your PC. Normally if this fan run only a few seconds then stop that is the time that there will be no output on your monitor. Fan of power supply will run but CPU fan should run continiously also. if so you should check this fan problem. also check your graphic card if it has a fan if it has check also if it is running while your PC is on.

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fans are running okay

by ccdean100 In reply to check CPU Fan

All the fans are running continuously, and the HDD is whirring away nicely. But no video.

Any further suggestions?

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by bogsibogs_102002 In reply to fans are running okay

when you start your pc can you see BIOS running. I ask this to check if your problem in monitor is while booting up starting from BIOS or when you are trying to boot up the OS already. if from the OS then no display in monitor I suggest to lessen your resolution. If from BIOS better to check the temperature of your CPU , MOBO and PS while booting up.

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Any Beeps? Keyboard flashes?

by mjd420nova In reply to rebuilding PC: No Video I ...

These would be a sign the BIOS is trying to load. If all the fans run and the drive seems to run okay, I'd suspect the power supply. Does the video card require another power connector directly from the card to the power supply? Make sure all the connections are tight and check out possible grounding on the standoffs on the under side of the MOBO, some need insulating washers but I usually substitute nylon or plastic ones instead to solve future problems.

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same problem

by kawasaki_ninja_ec22 In reply to Any Beeps? Keyboard flas ...

hi, im having the same problems

everything in my comp is new except the hdd and disk drive. ive tested the RAM and Graphics an they werent the problem. the monitor and cables are in properly. the only thing that i havnt tried is the M/B, could it be faulty?
there arnt any beeps, and when i turn it on the keyboard lights just flash once and the fans are running.

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