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By ashish ·
I have a PC running two operating systems on ot WINDOWS XP and WINDOWS 2000. for some time now it has sarted cretaed problems and runs very very slow now. I wnat to clean everything on the harddisk and just install Windows 2000 opwerating system. I do not know how to go about it. I tried to boot through Dos Boot disk but didn't work . Tried Fdisk didn't work. Can someone please tell me the precise method of just cleaning everything off the HD and frsh install just one operating system.

look forward to hear from someone soon.

Thanks in advance

Ash Tamhane

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by ReWrite In reply to Rebuilding PC

What happened when you fdisk'd the drive? Did you remove all extended partitions, then the primary partition and then create a new primary partition? Sometimes fdisk cannot remove ntfs partitions well. If so, get ahold of a copy of Ranish Partition Manager and remove all of the partitions and then re-create the primary partition. You can find it here:



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by maxwell edison In reply to Rebuilding PC

Go into the BIOS and select the CD-ROM drive to be the first boot device.

Insert the Windows 2000 CD into the CD-ROM drive.

Boot up as normal.

Watch the prompts on the black screen for the "Press any key to boot from CD". This will only appear for a short time.

When you see that prompt, just press enter to boot from your Windows 2000 CD.

Windows 2000 will boot from the CD, and from there you'll be able to delete the disk partitions, reformat the hard drive, and install Windows 2000 on a fresh drive.

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by statykserver In reply to Rebuilding PC

Maxwell's instructions is your solution

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by dmiles In reply to Rebuilding PC

Fdisk does not work well with DOS in W2k or XP
You need a Windows 98 startup disk
Insert in floppy drive
Select to Run setup without cd-rom support
Type fdisk at command prompt,this should bring up the fdisk screen,now select the No. to proceed with wiping the drive clean
I this was a dual-boot,you will have to delete the non-dos partition first,then delete all logical partition,then you can delete the primary partition

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