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Recalling sent email

By cposso ·
Im new on Exchange, If a user send ans email and wants to retrieve before people read it, how can I do it.

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This is Easy

by radiic In reply to Recalling sent email

Have the user go to their sent mail items in the folder view and open the email they sent, then click on Actions, then Recall this message. You then have the choice to delete unread copies or delete and replace with a new message.

The funny thing is that the user had the feature to do it all the time sitting right in front of them...

Oh BTW this works for Office 2000 and not O97.


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re: Recall message

by jeffers In reply to This is Easy

This feature is also available in outlook 98.

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I couldnt remember when

by radiic In reply to re: Recall message

They added it. I just remember it wasnt in O97

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I've Seen...

by dave4e2open In reply to This is Easy

I have had the experience where a sender has recalled a message that I have already read, and it still disappears from my Inbox. Plus, beware that even though you get a successful recall message, it does not mean that the receiver hasn't read it. Ifthe recipient has their Inbox preview window open and they read it's content without opening it, a successful recall message can give you a 'false read'. I have taken some lumps on that.

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Outlook Express

by MMHNC In reply to This is Easy

Running Outlook Express on W/98SE. This feature seems unavailable...or am I just overlooking it?

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Outlook Express - Limited Functionality

by jeffers In reply to Outlook Express

I think you will find that Outlook Express being a stripped down version of Outlook does have this functionality. I also believe it is tied in with MS Exchange server so if you are not running both then you may not be able to recall. I stand, as always, to be corrected.



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