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    Receiving disconnect error 50331656 using RWW in SBS 2008


    by smorg27 ·

    Hello, I am in desperate search for an answer to this problem. I’m hoping someone here can provide a definitive answer. I’ve relentlessly searched the internet and have only found possible solutions, but none have resolved the problem.

    I have a client that is running SBS 2008 with a second server running Server 2008 configured as a Terminal Server. Users are connecting to the terminal server using Remote Web Workplace. They are randomly being disconnected with the error 50331656. These users are connecting from computers running either Windows XP or Windows 7. I’ve made sure the computers are up to date and meet the requirements specified by Microsoft for connecting to RWW. I’ve checked and verified it is not the internet connection, either at the user’s location or the main office. I’ve tried every idea I could find, but still no luck. What am I missing? I’m open to any suggestions. Thanks!

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      by smorg27 ·

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        Request for Clarification

        by frixie ·

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        I found an article entitled “How to Configure the RWW Timeout” which I’m about to try as I have 4 clients machines at one office having the same issue. Have NEVER had a client report this issue before and they recently put in a fiber line at the office so it’s nothing to do with connection speed. Cert is OK and all XP and W7 machines up to date. Let’s see if this article fixes the problem.

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