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Recent Dell mailer

By CG IT ·
I get the Dell Business Solutions mailer which has all their business class laptops,desktops, servers, switches and other sundry items...

one thing caught my eye... their 24/7 North America based phone support IF you buy a Latitude.

I thought that to be a testement to off shoring phone tech support. If you pay more $$ for the product, then you get tech support from someone who you can understand.

Anyone have verizon and try their customer service support? they all are understandable when they speak but man! they read off of a piece of paper and they won't stop to listen...

Not sure North American based phone tech support means anything other than you can understand the person speaking....North American based phone tech support doesn't mean you get more knowledgable people...

not defending off shoring. What good is highly competent phone techs when the person they are supporting can't understand them... on the other hand what good are phone tech support people you can understand but don't know anything?

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OR Dell has used the

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Recent Dell mailer

H1B option to bring in a lot of Indian Phone Support Staff to support North American Business Customers.

Didn't think of that one did you?


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I did but....

by CG IT In reply to OR Dell has used the

I discounted it because they would still have to pay US wages AND then sponser the H1B visa...

why go through all that if there are workers here who would take the job...

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