Recently I am unable to download a file in IE8.

By sonnypsu ·
When I right click on say a link for video file or a zip file the download starts fine and about 5 - 10% into the download it stops and looks like it's trying to download but nothing happens. I've left a download like this for hours and nothing changes. This just recently started this week.

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Try this.

by seanferd In reply to Recently I am unable to d ...


Even if your connection drops, you can resume the download where it left off.

Sounds more like a network or ISP problem than an IE problem.

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by mafergus In reply to Recently I am unable to d ...

Does it do it with all downloads or just one?

Have there been any changes to your environment? Updates, patches, or new software installs?

Does it happen if you use another browser such as Firefox or Chrome?

Do all machines on your network exhibit this behaviour?

I would look at all of these to try and locate the scope of the problem. It could be as simple as a new app or patch affecting IE or it could be a firewall or even a networking issue.

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