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    Recently Rooted old Computer with LUBUNTU goes SLOW


    by nachokairuz ·

    I Have an old PC that i wiped with DBAN and then installed Lubuntu 19.10 with a rooted flash drive. Now is going slower than before. Any recommendations?

    Its a HP compaq dc5750 (2007). It used to have a couple of disk partitions (windows 7 and Ubuntu 18.04). The hard drive has only 80gb and the ram has only 2gb and the processor is an AMD Athlon x64 Dual Core so i decided to wipe the pc and then install a faster OS.

    1)I dont know if its because it was installed 2 days ago so it takes some time to install packages or update some software. is that a normal thing?

    2) Should i delete various programs that came with the OS that i dont use? i dont know if that could be harmful in any way…

    3) i heard that windows 7 starter its ok for this type of pc, could it be? i just want to run faster for simple home tasks

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