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Recieve File Send Using WinInet API:ASP?

By sancreations ·
Hi All,

How do i do the following using ASP not ASP.NET.

I have to write an asp code, which shud be able to receive all the data packets send by any client who is calling this page. The client is using WinInet API's to send a file to an exe on the server. The file may be a .dat file, .txt file or any other data file of any size. The Client and Server exe's are written in Delphi, and using the post method to send the files form the client. The embedded CGI is written on the server side exe which receives the file and do the further processing. Earlier Client exe was directly communicating to the Server exe. Now, we have to put a linux server between both. So the data would be sent first to the Linux machine then will be forwarded to the server. The server will then respond back to linux and from there the data will be sent back to client.

We have tried both the Server.Transfer/Execute methods as well as Redirect method but we couldn't achive what we want.

If somebody can help me out in this, It will be great help for me. any help can be email to me at sandeeparora@sysonline.com


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