recognize usb enclosure hard drives

By tom2749 ·
I have a 1 tb HD in an USB enclosure. I cannot see the drive in My Computer or Windows Explorer. How can I force the system to fully reccognize the drive.

thanks in advance.

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try disk manegment

by SystemCheck In reply to recognize usb enclosure h ...

only works of the bios can see it

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Well it would help if you knew that the drive actually worked

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to recognize usb enclosure h ...

If this is a HDD that you fitted to an Enclosure you need to make sure that it is fitted correctly and if it requires any Jumpers to be set. If it's a SATA Drive you should just need to plug it in but if it's a 3.5 Inch SATA Drive you need a External Power Adapter as the USB Sockets can not supply 12 V DC which is required to run the drive.

If it is a 2.5 Inch HDD it runs on 5 V DC which the USB Sockets can supply but most likely you'll need to use both plugs of the Y Cable in different USB Sockets. The one closest to the HDD Enclosure is a Data & Power Lead while the one on the end of the lead is just a Power Plug. So if you have only plugged in the end one the Computer will never see the Drive. If you have plugged in just the middle one there most likely isn't enough current to run the drive so the computer again will not see it.

Also if this is a New Unused Drive you need to format the Drive first before you can use it so Open the Drive Management in your OS right click on the New Drive and select Prepare which should appear. Then when that is finished Right Click on it again and this time Left Click on Format from the Drop Down Menu and format the drive as you need it set. Either 1 Big Partition or several smaller ones whichever you want.

As you are using Windows here it is very important to remember to dismount the Drive using the Safely Remove Option on the Task Bar. If you just unplug the drive or shut the computer down the Partition Tables will get corrupted sooner rather than latter and you will have what appears to be a blank drive.

Also when after you unplug the USB Leads you need to remember to allow time for the Platters int he drive to stop spinning before you move the drive. If you don't allow this to happen you run the risk of doing serious damage to the HDD and loosing all of your Data.


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Thank you

by tom2749 In reply to Well it would help if you ...

The drive was visible in the disk management console so I assigned a drive letter to it. After that it was visible in windows explorer, and has operated correctly after several shutdowns and restarts.



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