Recommend a VPN for Android?

By indigofurr ·
I'm looking for a VPN service for my Android since I'm on public wi-fi a lot and want to buff up my protection. Right now I'm considering Surfshark because it uses IKEv2 protocol and it's stated that it drains less of your phone battery. I searched but couldn't really find other VPNs that offer IKEv2 for Androids, maybe you have some recommendations so I can do a comparison?
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by sheparda In reply to Recommend a VPN for Andro ...

I've been using NordVPN for more than a year now. Works like a champ on my Samsung S8.

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There's no place like home.

by zarthan In reply to Recommend a VPN for Andro ...

There are a few VPN clients for Android including the built-in VPN client. (Settings/Network&Internet/Advanced/VPN). Why not set up a VPN server to your own home and connect to there. You already know and trust your own home network. You may have VPN capabilities built into your router at home or at least VPN passthrough. There are tons of guides setting up a VPN server on something a simple as a Raspberry Pi. With a setup like this, you have full control of both ends of the VPN and there would be no ongoing costs.

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Thank you

by indigofurr In reply to There's no place like hom ...

Thank you, I haven't thought of setting up my own VPN and you're absolutely right there's no other network I trust more than my own. I will research the manuals on how to do that.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this way I wouldn't be able to mask my IP address? If I'm using Surfshark I can switch between their servers and this way I would only have my home IP address?

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You are correct

by zarthan In reply to Thank you

Using home for a VPN would end up looking like you were surfing from home so it would use your home IP.

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by tbfrank In reply to Recommend a VPN for Andro ...

You could try ProtonVPN, it uses IKEv2.

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Try Windscribe

by Flmmsx In reply to Recommend a VPN for Andro ...

I have been using Windscribe for 2 years with much success. I sibscribe but you can try it out for free

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Turbo VPN

by cciedumpspoto In reply to Recommend a VPN for Andro ...

So far I am using this and I have used it in many countries and it works like a charm, do try it.

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Best VPN

by royjason148 In reply to Recommend a VPN for Andro ...

I personally recommend you Windscribe as this is one of the best VPN service providers. This can be used into Andriod as well as in windows for your computing systems.

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Tenta VPN Browser for Android

by tenta In reply to Recommend a VPN for Andro ...

Hi there,

I'm with Tenta, a new type of browser with built-in VPN and total data encryption ( We built the Mimic VPN protocol designed for modern mobile devices, so it's super fast. When you open a tab, the VPN connection is instant and automatic. Love for you to try it out and let us know what you think.

IKEv2/Ipsec and that whole suite of technology was designed to be an all in one, everything for everybody, type of security solution. And so, of course, it's massively over engineered and riddled with holes. One of the revelations of the last few years has been that security protocols should be narrow and tailored to specific tasks at hand. This allows the design decisions and security implications to be well studied and understood. It has so many configuration options that it's impossible to make any blanket statements about its security.

So if you're looking for speed and efficiency specifically for Android, then I believe you'll really appreciate Tenta's VPN technology.

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Got my attention

by indigofurr In reply to Tenta VPN Browser for And ...

Thank you for your elaborate response. I researched and saw that Surfshark has been audited by cybersecurity company Cure53 for their browser extension security and the report found no leaks there. But I think it uses different protocol for extensions. Since IKEv2 implementations are relatively recent I believe you might be right that it's still filled with holes that I would like to avoid. I will check Tenta VPN and Windscribe now that has been recommended in two other answers.

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