Recommend a webcam for a large conference room.

By CharlieSpencer ·
It's actually a training room. The seats are in rows, not arrange around a table. I suspect we'll need a separate microphone. So far the only requirement is that it be compatible with MS Communicator / Lync. I know next to nothing about video equipment; use small words of one syllable or less, please.


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Nefsis, PolyCom, Logitech, Cisco

by robo_dev In reply to Recommend a webcam for a ...


Note that the webcam itself is important, but the bigger issue is the software that runs the thing. Not to sound like a salesman for Nefsis, but you can use their service or buy their app.

If you are OK with whatever software you have, then the short answer for webcams in general is Logitech.

Polycom makes some really neat stuff for Microsoft Lync Telepresence....


If you use Cisco VOIP and want some really cool video conferencing, their Telepresence stuff gives you real-time HD-quality video.... not cheap, but then again what Cisco products are cheap. They make IP Video-phones,


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Reponse To Answer

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Nefsis, PolyCom, Logitech ...

We already have a full-blown Tandberg system, part of an enterprise video conf. system managed under contract. We want to add an inexpensive solution that will be used once every month or two.

The room in question already has a sound system, a video projector, and a dedicated desktop. Communicator or Lync have been acceptable applications. We just need a better camera than the 'golf ball' we've been testing with; something tripod-mountable and USB-connectable.

I looked at the Polycom gear, but that's far more than we're hoping to spend. Most of the Logitech gear looked too low-end for the size of the room, but I don't know much about the capabilities of these devices. On the other hand, the Logitech stuff is cheap enough to test and not care much if it's insufficient. I'll look at Nefsis and Cisco's web sites; I wasn't aware Cisco was in this field and had never heard of Nefsis.


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Logitech HD Pro

by robo_dev In reply to Recommend a webcam for a ...

Cisco or Nefsis solutions are similar to what you already have, only better, faster, but not necessarily cheaper.

The main competitor to the Logitech HD Pro is the Microsoft LifeCam. If you've got a real basic webcam, either of these will be a million times better and cost around $100 ea.

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Logitech c 170

by Seotop In reply to Recommend a webcam for a ...

I can recommend you Logitech C170 webcam. It's 5MP with hight quality microphone (http://fotomag.com.ua/stat/product/4/b145224.jpeg)

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