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recommend backup for 50-100 GB of storage

By jsfald ·
I have had bad luck with tape drives so I am looking for other hardware to use for backing up 50-100 GB of storage daily.

What have you used successfully and consistently (more than three months) or what do you recommend I use that is more reliable than a tape drive?

If you want more history and details you can keep reading. We are on our second Dell backup tape drive. It works pretty good for 3-4 months than it starts to have drive errors. No system changes happen during this time so I think it is just cheap and unreliable hardware. We are using Veritas 8.6 for the backup software.

One employee will take the latest tape back up home with them for the usually reasons. So hopefully the new solution will also have a way to keep a back up off site.

I have thought about an Iomega solution and an external hard drive solution, but I don't know if multiple external hard drives are pratical.

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what is your budget?

by djameson In reply to recommend backup for 50-1 ...

We had precisely the same problem. We have built 2 6TB Backup servers ~$6000 ea. all SATA, then we put them into a raid 5 array for a net yeld of 5.6Tb / box. Then we use Veritas BX 10.0 and mirror the volumes from box to box (to comply with our companies Offsite policy) there are obvious benefits to not using tapes, but the biggest advangage, is backup time, I can back up all the machines at the same time and still use less then the 1GB of the nic, of course all the servers have 1GB nics but that is an easy upgrade now. I provision the backup server so each server (10) has it's own directory structure that it stores it's backups in also a seperate folder for full incremental and archive backups so you can tell the amount of space required for each box the archive folder is used for drive images or important restore points. so the ds looks like
| |_Full
| |_Incremental
| |_Archive

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LTO-2/DLT w/ Veritas

by thesheriff In reply to what is your budget?

I've been running Veritas 8.x & 9.x for many years with little problem. Hard has been a combination of DLT 40 and LTO-2 drives. We've used either HP or ADIC hardware. Results have been great! We started with about 40 GB of storage, today we backup around 1 TB between a number of tape drives. We have been able to get by with this solution, but are now out growing it.

We are now budgetting for off-site disk backup solutions. On-site solutions are nice, but don't provide for a good D/R plan if something happens to our facility. This would explain the need for a tape solution where we can take it media off-site. Disk storage solutions have become more reasonable, however portability is an issues. This is why we are looking at off-site backups over more expensive communication lines.

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by jbaker In reply to recommend backup for 50-1 ...

You need to stay away from Dell tape drives. Go with a name in Drives such as Sony, HP, or Centance (formerly Veritas). I have a100/240GB drive that costs about $1300, and have never had a problem with it.

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Never Had A Good one.

by djameson In reply to

I have never had a good tape drive, I have had virtually every mid grade tape drive there is. YOu only find out the tape is bad when you go to restore after a failure. With a dedicated backup server you can restore any file you have backed up from any time that the file is still on the server. Gives a quasi historical archive. The disadvantages of a dedicate backup box is once it's full it is difficult to add capacity, even though we've got that nailed too. just build another and attach the storage as a mounted drive.

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Can't recommend Sony

by jgaskell In reply to

I have had nothing but trouble with Sony drives, both individual drives and autoloaders. The HP drives I have dealt with have been reliable. I haven't had any trouble with Dell drives, either, but haven't dealt with many.

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Small undefined budget

by jsfald In reply to recommend backup for 50-1 ...

I work for a small company where the IT budget is allocated as needed, at least if there is a specified budget then I haven't heard about it. I doubt we could have a $6000+ solution.

I like the idea of a dedicated server for backup and archive purposes. Offsite is a necessity but not as important as a succesful daily backup.

How do you all feel about this strategy. After the backup is successful to the backup server I could have a second job to try and write the backup file to a tape drive or external HDD, which can then be taken offsite. This way we have data to restore from quickly and in the unlikely event of a fire or other disaster we will have an offsite backup. This solution could be under $2000.

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Problem with Cheap

by djameson In reply to Small undefined budget

The problem with going cheap is when you need it it won't be there. Our first attempt at a backup server was a machine with 4 250 Gb drives on it no raid etc. we spent so much time replacing drives that we had patchy backups. If you are going to use an off site device I recommend you get a maxtor 300GB hdd and use it. WAY more reliable then tapes, quite a bit of storage and, it's portable. In my private business I use them quite a bit, I have even built complete backup systems just using them get a USB 2.0 adapter and stack them sideways on a shelf. Then just mirror the FS using the windows raid 1 stuff, or script it. It is cheap and portable. just rotate disks however you do. Backups are the second most important thing to a network, don't let anybody convince you to cheap out, We are a small shop too only about 140 users but we have 80k worth of servers. 6k for a backup server is less then 10% of the total cost. If you look at it that way try to figure a way to spend 10% to protect 100% that is like buying a 1,000,000 life insurance policy for less then 100,000 but the law of averages says you WILL need it next year some time.

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NetVault VTL with Snap server

by dwhelan In reply to Small undefined budget

An elegant solution would be a Snap server 4200/4500 with integrated Bakbone NetVault software. It has the capability to configure the Snap server storage as a Virtual Tape Library. It then backs up your servers to the VTL and you can configure an additional backup job to copy the virtual tape to real tape media via the Snap server SCSI port.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Small undefined budget

Ask the company if the data is corrupted what the budget would cost to resolve?

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What about IOMEGA REV drives?

by bobx In reply to recommend backup for 50-1 ...

Haven't seen them in use yet but if they deliver what they promise?

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