Recommend Free Registry Cleaner for XP

By zaidmark ·
Is there any free registry cleaning software that would work better or at least near to CC Cleaners purchased version? I need to optimize my Windows XP and CC Cleaner just not working fine. Please Recommend Me Which software you are using?

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What are you attempting to accomplish?

Registry cleaners do little to boost performance of modern Windows systems.
Unless you are getting notices of problems or errors, it's best to leave it alone.
CCleaner is as good as any.

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by darora85 In reply to What are you attempting t ...

You can use tune up utility for all pc boost up related step. It's very nice and useful tool.

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I have yet to see any of these so-called miracle speed booster gizmos
actually do anything that couldn't be accomplished with built-in tools.
Most are snake oil at best, harmless...but make the user feel like they
are doing some sort of maintainance. More likely scenario is they are
scam products looking to bilk a customer of money.

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CCleaner is the only legit one I know of

by Slayer_ In reply to Recommend Free Registry C ...

But, I can't recommend using registry cleaners. The registry doesn't need cleaning, its a database, access times are virtually instant.

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They do work

by zaidmark In reply to Recommend Free Registry C ...

thanks for your feedback. I think they do boost computer performance, if they are of perfect quality. I have had used a couple of free registry cleaners such as and but now looking for a change that will work even better..

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by Slayer_ In reply to They do work

If you know how the registry works, then you would know it makes an extremely small difference if you clean it.

Think of it this way, if a 100, maybe even 1000 people deleted their accounts from a bank, would the bank database server run faster? Of course not, it's dealing with hundreds of thousands of accounts.

Your system registry is the same, it has hundreds of thousands of entries.
If you right click a file, about 20 or so registry queries are done, how long did it take?

I want you to see that cleaning the registry is a futile effort.

Read this XKCD.
You cleaning the registry is about the equivalent of removing all the ships in the world from the ocean.

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by gechurch In reply to They do work

Saying "Thanks for the feedback, but you are wrong. I know they do work, it's just that the one I'm using isn't working very well so all I need is a suggestion on a product that will work even better" is not sensible. Listen to the feedback. By definition registry cleaners are removing registry entries that aren't needed. Now if they aren't needed, if Windows is never accessing them, how on earth is removing them going to speed things up? It's like filling in pot-holes on a road you never drive down and thinking it will speed up your morning commute.

If you want to speed up your machine download Autoruns and learn which applications you can safely stop from automatically running at boot. Or better - upgrade your machine. An SSD will work wonders.

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