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    recommend some antivirus software?


    by Anonymous ·

    I’m curious if you have any recommendations for an antivirus program for windows XP Pro. I am looking for something that’s light on system resources, and if not free, then very cheap to install. I have about 20 computers to cover. Is it just wishful thinking that I might get something under $100?

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      by Anonymous ·

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      AVG Antivirus

      by __techne__ ·

      In reply to recommend some antivirus software?

      I’m using it and haven’t big complains. When I had got problems with viruses I’ve installed it, and cleared my computer. From that point I haven’t got problems. I love it, and in it has high marks and is one of the most favourite anti-viruses.

      However it flags on of apps installed on my computer as troyan, thought it is not. It’s the only problem.

      There are also different non-free versions, including firewalls, anti-spammers and other.. I’m don’t a big specialist in proprietary software, so couldn’t say is it expensive or cheap. Look by yourself:

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        Is AVG still free?

        by statykserver ·

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        I know that AVG ang Anvira ( completely free at one point but I was looking for a free antivirus for my mothers computer and since I was a tru Anvira user I installed it. But it would not update the database because it said the license was expired and in demo mode. AVG was asking to be purchased, so I went ahead and installed AVAST. I had to register in email to receive a free license but it was simple. I really like Anvira though.

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          by __techne__ ·

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 — here can bee downloaded free versions of anti-virus and anti-spyware. It is rather hard to find on official website link to this. Moreover free version of anti-virus is available at

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          For Home Use Only

          by thechas ·

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          Read the EULA for the free version of AVG and most other free anti-virus software.

          The free version is restricted to home use only. Any business or commercial use is a violation of the EULA.

          This goes for the free version of Zone Alarm and utilities like Belarc Advisor as well.


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          You are rigth…

          by __techne__ ·

          In reply to For Home Use Only

          I’m responsible only for my home computer, so didn’t remembered about this limitation. 🙁

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          feature limited

          by Anonymous ·

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          It appears to turn ‘feature limited’ after a time.

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          by necromantic ·

          In reply to feature limited

          Comodo has a free lifetime-licensed (including updates) antivirus… I’ve been using it for about a half-year now and haven’t had any issues other than that it tends to run a bit heavier on the RAM side than I’d like… but nowhere near as heavy as, say , McAffey.
          They also offer a firewall (free for life)m a password vault (with their own three hundred some-odd bit encryption routine) and a few other incredibly handy utils.
          The downside is that it’s a ‘single-user’… but in actual point of fact, what that means is ‘single e-mail address’… so as many email addresses as you have and/or have had access to, you could probably put it on all of ’em.
          I love the firewall most of all… it has the best detail and overall functionality that I’ve yet encountered.

          Again, though, be warned that the progs are memory hoggers… not bad at all, but noticeable… that’s why the fact that you can download any one of the programs alone or the whole system together is a wonderful thing 🙂

          er… no… no, I don’t work for them, rea;lla*really

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      by thechas ·

      In reply to recommend some antivirus software?

      The only free / low cost solution I am aware of for a commercial situation is Clam-Win.

      Forgot to include the link:

      This is a Windows port of a popular Linux anti-virus application.

      The user interface is not as slick as other applications. But, when I tried it, it did get the job done.

      If you are a education institution, or a non-profit, it might be worth at least talking to the sales department at some of the other anti-virus suppliers.

      I personally like Avast, and have the free version installed on my home system.

      Trend and Panda have their own strong points.


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      NOD32 Antivirus Software

      by akdaga ·

      In reply to recommend some antivirus software?

      This is one of the best Anti Virus software I have come across and continue to use it because it chews less system resources and includes Email, Internet, File & Folder Antivirus Deamon.
      Click on the link below to learn more about this product:

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      Eset nod32 The Best Antivirus with Nod32 Offline Update

      by blue_nike2903 ·

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      Nod32 is a very excellent antivirus.i suggest this antivirus because this antivirus use very minimum of RAM and their Powered by the ThreatSense? engine with advanced heuristics, which blocks far more unknown threats than the competition.Make your computer very secure bit per bit.
      Nod32 also can offline very good for who don’t have internet connection.
      Eset Offline Update for nod32 here >Eset Offline Update<

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      GREAT FREE AVG – New 9.0

      by rcisowski1 ·

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      Here is link to Grisoft’s free 9.0 basic AVG program:

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      by kenone ·

      In reply to recommend some antivirus software?

      Check it out.

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      by rookietech ·

      In reply to recommend some antivirus software?

      all the way AVG

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