Recommendation for MRP software

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Hi all,

We are looking for material resource planning software to help manage purchases and inventory levels for parts. We currently only have a single product, so we are not looking to go for a full-blown ERP. Just want something to help us make sure we don't unnecessarily delay assembly due to component shortages that could potentially have a long lead time.

We are managing all of this in Excel now, but we'd like to have something that is less prone to errors and better at alerting us when purchase orders need to be placed with our suppliers.

Ideally, we want software that will do the following:

Captures all supplier info (MOQ, Lead Times, etc)

Generates purchase orders based on supplier info

Workflows with advanced user permissions that allow for purchase requests, approvals, notifications to the finance team, etc.

Ability to set minimum inventory levels; triggers alert when component inventory falls below

Detailed views of the entire Bill of Materials

Cash flow module that shows payment statuses, accounts payable, payment due dates, etc.

So far, I've looked at the following solutions, but none of them seems to solve the exact pain points we are facing, or they are too expensive/complex for what we need at this stage of our business:

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by cciedumpspoto In reply to Recommendation for MRP so ...

Web-based manufacturing management, inventory and order tracking system for medium-sized companies across multiple locations - including invoicing and reporting. Set Bills of Materials incl. multiple levels. Allocate materials to work orders. Receive finished goods fully/partially. Issue quick/bulk updates & printouts. Track material and labor cost. Adopt Megaventory for successful management of your company for as little as USD 150/mo - signup for a free trial or book a call today

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Recommendation for MRP Software

by david1549772007 In reply to Recommendation for MRP so ...

You are describing an ERP system, not MRP.

The simplest yet high-bang-per-buck system I know of for manufacturing is MRPeasy, although it does not have electronic purchase requisitions(PRs), just electronic purchase orders (POs). You would have to do the PRs on paper. It interfaces with QuickBooks for accounting or it can handle accounting as a standalone system.

If having electronic PRs is a strict requirement, then Cetec ERP might be a next step up.

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