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Recommendations for a small and cheap digital camera?

By RexWorld ·
I realized I only post photos to Flickr when I'm on vacation. But there's interesting images going on around me all the time.

I'd like to find a small, cheap digital camera I can slip into my coat pocket or backpack or whatever. So wherever I happen to be, even if it's not on vacation, I will be ready to snap a photo. Any recommendations?

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Anything made by Canon...

by azul In reply to Recommendations for a sma ...

Also FUJI/Finepix makes a good camera, we have had a A207 model for three years now and works fantastic.

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Anything by Sony

by Dr Dij In reply to Recommendations for a sma ...

I like the looks of the ultra slim cam. Sony usually ends up haveing the highest image quality ratings in reviews, and Canon, Sony are the only two with excellant customer service in ratings I've seen if you have problems.

quality and cheap however do not co-exist terribly well. sony stuff tends to be expensive.

sounds like you should pick a water resist one.

I'm an inveterate picture taker. We were at 13,000 feet hiking with my Mom and Charlie in CO. They (being in their 70's) were cruising along ahead of me. I was taking pix of everything imaginable nature wise. They even asked me why I took so many pix.

I take a sony dvd video cam (with 3mp stills). screw on clear filter means no dust / scratches on video lens. 10x zoom means I can use it as spotting scope. swivel lcd means I can hold it at arms length up or down to get pix.

removable batteries give me 9 hours shooting, enuf to make it back to recharge, and removable photo dvd media means I have infinite storage without buying multiple expensive memory cards (1.4gig = $3 for their dvd+rw disks which don't need to be finalized); and it actually fits in an everest cdplayer fanny pack along with spare disks in the cd sleaves. While it takes full quality uncompressed video I do mostly stills. You could pan the horizon in video mode to get a panorama tho.

I got back at them, did a photo-composite of the hike landscapes with them sitting in center picture, on a log railing of an 1800's 'fixer upper' cabin.

Then found a wild looking fungus that I got a pic of: "tremella mesenterica' which is bright orange and looks like either brain coral or stirred butter? Amazingly, I was able to find it's name on the web searching for 'orange mushroom' or something similar. The ground stars were neat too.

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Suppose I should have said

by Dr Dij In reply to Anything by Sony

just a small cheap sony, like the ones with front lenses that stick out a bit so you get good optical zoom. $2-300

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