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recommended mcse boot camps?

By chays33 ·
I have gotten money approved from employer to attend mcse bootcamp. As I look there are tons, can anyone narrow down the reputable ones for me and maybe even suggest some? I am CNE 6, MCP and A+ if that makes a difference and in the field for 9 years most of which is novell, looking to switch to microsoft and being certed in both will be a plus. thank you

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Lucky you!

by NI70 In reply to recommended mcse boot cam ...

What part of the country are you in (assuming you're in the US)? What I'd do is google MCSE bootcamps localized to your area.

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tried that

by chays33 In reply to Lucky you!

Thats what i've been doing, but still a ton. Was hoping someone on this site had been to some and could recommend some..... want to go to the right one.

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sorry, didnt answer your ?

by chays33 In reply to tried that

I am in Tennessee, forgot to answer your ?

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CED Solutions

by e_kat In reply to recommended mcse boot cam ...

Since your in Tennessee, you could check out CED Solutions, ( here in Marietta, Georgia. I've gone to them & got the tripple MCP/MCSA/MCSE certifications on windows 2000. The price includes hands-on instruction, roundtrip airfare, transportation to and from the airport to the hotel, lodging (your own room with kitchen), transportation to and from the hotel to the training center, refreshments and snacks, all course materials, practice exams, and all certification exams (with extra test vouchers, only if needed), breakfast and lunch daily. If you fail any of the tests, you can retake them at the end of the bootcamp or come back any time at no cost to sit through that class & test again. The classes are structured so that after covering one of the tests, & some practices, you just go upstairs & test that exam. Hope this helps.

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thx e_kat

by chays33 In reply to CED Solutions

Im looking at Stellacon and Realmcsebootcamp currently, I will check out CED though, per your recommendation. How was your experience with them? Have an opinion on the other two I'm looking at?

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Great time

by e_kat In reply to thx e_kat

As I've said, I did the tripple certification there, 14 days straight of nothing but Microsoft. I passed every exam the first time & they are real good about not pushing you to test until you feel your ready. The fact that they take care of your hotel, breakfast/lunch everyday & transportation leaves you to fully concentrate on your studies (IMHO) is a good plus. I've not heard of the other to camps your looking into before.

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Real MCSE bootcamp

by belzap In reply to thx e_kat

I got my 2003 MCSE certification through Real MCSE bootcamps.

They list bootcamps all over the country but in reality I believe that is just to get you to sign up and then the bootcamp at your chosen location cannot be held for some reason (class full, not enough people signed up - I got both of these excuses). However, they did fly me to Tampa to take the bootcamp there and that was a much better way to go.

DO NOT sign up for a boot camp where you will be staying at your house. My life during boot camp was up at 6:00 to study, class from 8:00 till 5:00 (with some days of testing rather than class), study till midnight or 1:00 a.m, then do it all again the next day. If are trying to live your normal life while doing boot camp you will have a really hard time (in my opinion).

I don't have any complaints about Real MCSE boot camps - I would probably go through them again if I was going to get another certification.

If you have any specific questions I'll try to answer them.

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That is who I decided to go with

by chays33 In reply to Real MCSE bootcamp

Wow, that is who I signed up with believe it or not. I just got my books in yesterday. Can you give me any advice as to a prestudy method before the camp? and mabye a breakdown of how the days are handled at the camp? thank you very much for responding. overall was it a good experience?

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Private message me

by belzap In reply to That is who I decided to ...


Private message me and update your profile to allow members to contact you and I'll give you the lowdown on what to expect.

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cant click on private message to you

by chays33 In reply to Private message me

updated profile, but cant PM you for some reason. going to close out and log back in

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