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    Recommended Net tools


    by itveteran ·

    I am starting a new position and would like some input into what the best net admin tools and wht the best net processes are to use in the beginning. It has been a little while since I was doing serious net admin and I want to quickly be able to identity IT and Network inventory, build a topology map and be able to some monitoring of Windows NT or 2000 servers and all network devices (Cisco). Does anyone have good input as to what easy and cheap tools to use?

    Plus any other recommedations?

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      nmap is the major too in your toolkit

      by jmgarvin ·

      In reply to Recommended Net tools

      I also suggest cryptcat and possibly something like Ethereal.

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      Try OpManager

      by rude2o2 ·

      In reply to Recommended Net tools

      The AdventNet suite of tools are fantastic and come with free trials for all add on’s.

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        Solarwinds Toolset

        by jean_maurice ·

        In reply to Try OpManager

        YOu can have a go at solawinds range of products,
        though try the ToolSet Engineers Edition very good toolbox for any net admin

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      You will love these!

      by feral ·

      In reply to Recommended Net tools

      I agree OPmanager is good however its limited to 20 devices.
      Check out The Dude

      This application is freeware and works really well for creating topology diagrams and monitoring in the one package.

      My other recommendation is for SYDI which is an open source network documentation project.
      I have nothing but praise for this tool and the effort that the programmers have put into it.
      You can document not only standard servers but Exchange,SQL and LINUX servers!
      This one tool is worth its weight in gold as you can run it against a remote system and pull all the info into a word document.
      It will not work across a VLAN that is the only issue I have had with it for some reason.

      With these two tools you have no excuse for not having network and systems documentation.

      For job ticketing and help desk I recommmend Liberum which is also open source and based on ASP, I use it on my network and it has never let me down.It is very customisable and the support forums users are very helpful.

      Best thing about all these things is its all FREE.


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        Give this guy a free subscription or something.

        by breadtrk ·

        In reply to You will love these!

        Feral, I should send you a check. The Dude did in less than an hour what I have been trying to do for a year; that is mapping my entire network over a map of their physical locations.

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      by angralitux ·

      In reply to Recommended Net tools

      DameWare Development has NTutilites, very handing to manage AD and remote control and support workstations. I have used it, and is very capable, but I don’t think you can manage cisco devices with it, but it’ll work wherever your AD reach.

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      by david.sayers ·

      In reply to Recommended Net tools

      I am in the process of deploying this and it is excellent for monitoring the overall health of the network. I really helps us to be proactive in solving issues.

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      really great net tools? how about nettools

      by mcmonagle ·

      In reply to Recommended Net tools

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      Inexpensive NetAdmin Tools

      by steven.fellwock ·

      In reply to Recommended Net tools

      Check out Longitude by Heroix ( It has similar capabilities to some much more expensive Network Management tools.

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      by dbernor ·

      In reply to Recommended Net tools

      Just wanted to say Thanks for the Thread and the answers folks.
      I love finding new IT goodies and there are some really good ones posted.

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      by trader boy ·

      In reply to Recommended Net tools

      not cheap but a very good tool….google it and review…for future considerations…10/4

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        by jean_maurice ·

        In reply to NETMRI

        I have one NetMRI, very strong solution surely the best in its catefory , but very expensive. it depends on what u wnat to achieve really.

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      Another one

      by duckdive1 ·

      In reply to Recommended Net tools – agentless discovery with configurable monitors. It is beta, but very stable. It is a FREE product that you run from your own PC/server. Yet, they make their money by displaying google ads on the right side. I’ve been very impressed with it thus far. I’ve even used it over a VPN (pptp and ipsec).

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