Recommended Remote desktop software

By Snuffy09 ·
I have done the PC anywhere thing
- I don?t like the big install or the configuring; I do like the shared view (client/host unlike Microsoft remote desktop)

Microsoft RDC works but I don?t like that the user can?t see what I?m doing.

I plan on trying EMCO remote Desktop Pro
-I hope it lets me install the small host installer over vpn (I use hamachi)

I inconsistently remote to users Pcs to do fixes that?s why I don?t want to have to do a lot of configuring.
I figure I can have them download hamachi set a vpn username and password; I can connect to their vpn and set up a remote desktop session.

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by Snuffy09 In reply to Recommended Remote deskto ...

I guess i should have mentioned i want to do this over the internet from my home. not on a Local network (that would be to easy) :)


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Go To Assist

by NormH3 In reply to Recommended Remote deskto ...

I have used this. It is apparently still in Beta, but I have seen no issues. Of course, a user has to be at the remote PC to agree to the session.

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by Snuffy09 In reply to Go To Assist

cool ill give it a try

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I LOVE Go To Assist Express!!

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Go To Assist

It works wonderfully for our purposes (just a couple of Techs to support nearly 2 dozen remote sites). It's still in BETA (works great though). But, the web site proclaims they will give us at least 30 days notice before they start charging for it and 'they say' they'll have licensing packages available for just a few people so you won't have to buy one license for each Tech or buy 10 licenses when you only need a couple of them.

I think the best parts of GTAX are:

(1) Security, it requires someone to actually be sitting at the PC to allow you to get in, although there is an "unattended" option which can be activated later.
(2) Two way screen sharing, works good for teaching, and both ends can see what's going on at all times.
(3) The ability to create new user profiles on the remote PC, log off the current user and on to the new user without loosing your session.
(4) The ability to reboot the remote PC and have it come back up with the current session, send a CTRL+ALT+DEL to get to the login screen, all without assistance from someone sitting at the PC.

We've tried CrossLoop, which is good, don't get me wrong. But, it doesn't allow for a reboot (or logoff/logon) of the remote PC and come right back to the same session. It requires more user intervention sitting at the remote PC.

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Tried it

by Snuffy09 In reply to Go To Assist

Thanks man i tried it, love it, works like a champ!

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by jszivos In reply to Recommended Remote deskto ...

I use GoToMeeting at my company. We provide support for our Windows Terminal Services management software. It works with Macs and PCs. I highly recommend trying GoToMeeting. I've heard better reviews of GoToAssist, but I've never used it.

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Ultra VNC Single Click

by pc21geek In reply to Recommended Remote deskto ...

Ultra VNC offers a Single Click package that you build and customize for your use. It works great and the client does not have to install anything. The finished package is under a 1MB download for the client and it is secure as well. Good luck!


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Second that

by bens In reply to Ultra VNC Single Click

We use uVNC SC for remote help desk and I prefer it to any other app. I implemented it by creating the client .exe and posting it on a public site/password protected. So if a user needs help, they goto the site - run the client and connects to your listening host. Its free and allows file transfer too. As Kevin mentioned, you customize the status icon and the entire GUI overlay. For family members, I use LogMeIn Free - but anyone else has to initiate the connection.

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