Recommended sizes for email signatures when design in Photoshop?

By Timwateru ·

Can someone tell me what are the recommended settings (width, height, resolution), when you using photoshop to design an email signatures.

I searched online and some sites says 72 pixels per inch...

I did it and saved it with different format (JPG, PNG, GIF) then export it into my mail (Incredemail) and the quality is poor and is too small.

I am making / designing one for my workplace but I really want to achieve the quality of the design when I export it into mail (outlook, incredemail, etc).

And I will put it into my colleagues work as a standardized - email signatures for everybody.

Again, can someone help me to achieve this (right settings for this)

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Well for starters how big is the image?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Recommended sizes for ema ...

If for arguments sake it's 10 MEG it's way too big for anything related to E Mail to begin with. Doesn't matter what it looks like.

If on the other hand it's 2K you can afford to make it bigger.

As to the Physical Dimensions this also depends on what it is though if you where to make it 4 inches wide and and inch high it may suit your needs but then again this depends on what it is actually composed of, that size may be way too small and cluttered or way too big with lots of wasted space.

Personally I like to follow the KISS Principal Keep It Simple Stupid and I've also never used Photoshop as I keep straight Text in Company Signatures and maybe a Logo but nothing else.

However that's just me and I may be completely wrong.

For E Mail Pictures though 72 DPI is fairly standard and to be perfectly honest fairly crappy but it's a compromise between picture quality and actual size of the file.


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Reponse To Answer

by Timwateru In reply to Well for starters how big ...

Many thanks Col,

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by dogknees In reply to Recommended sizes for ema ...

If you are only concerned with it's appearance on screen, I would suggest around 120 dpi. That should look good on most resolutions. If it's for print, perhaps 300 dpi.

Assuming we're talking about an actual "signature" that a person signs, and it's in black and white, the file should be pretty small. If it's something more complex, do some tests and see how the filesize looks.

As Col pointed out, you need to ensure it's not too big when people receive it. Try the different formats and check the size, but jpeg will probably be OK. Just don't use the lower quality settings as they will look cr@p.

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Well, the one I use is

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Recommended sizes for ema ...

96 dpi .BMP, 32 high by 230 long. It takes up 9 kb. I've got a variety of other sizes, all scaled up or down from the original .JPG, but this is the one I use about 90% of the time. It displays and prints satisfactorily.

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If you are scaling down a larger original

by seanferd In reply to Recommended sizes for ema ...

make sure you are resampling the image if a straight resize looks bad. There are usually different resampling algorithms to choose from - one may work better than another.

And make sure the new file is save with the same dpi as the original, not more or less.

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