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reconfigure shutdown options-no reinstal

By brian ·
Is there a way to reconfigure, reset, or repair the power settings so that
I can use shutdown features such as Standby Mode, the auto off at shutdown ,
and the configurable power button?

My system had these features until I installed a raid driver. I have since
removed the raid and imaged to a single drive. The features have not
returned to the original state. Unless I run a repair install of Windows.

I was able to use these features after a fresh reinstall of Windows but I
would rather not do this again as it requires numerous software reinstalls
on this system?

I have an Intel D865PERL, and WDRAPTOR SATA HD and used the Raid driver on
the board. I had to repair reinstall Windows and use f6 to add the raid
driver to get it working after enabling the raid.

After the reinstall the raid worked fine but the computer shutdown options
changed. Standby mode was no longer available. If choosing ShutDown the
computer was shutting down all the way and turningoff but with the raid
driver it is shutting down to the "it is now safe to turn your computer off"
screen. The power button became an instant kill switch.

I have decided to remove the raid (since it taxes the CPU )and have returned
to a single drive. I tested a reinstall on an another drive that I imaged
and the shutdown behavior returned to normal. I would like to fix the
problem without the repair install if possible.

NOTE: I have the points and don't need them- I will happily give many points to good answers.
However- DONT GIVE A BS GUESS. IT DOESN"T HELP ANYONE. This my comuter not a science project. I am not experimenting, I want the right answers.

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by CG IT In reply to reconfigure shutdown opti ...

Are you running W9X/ME?

# 1 Intel says your board needs a BIOS update if your running the 800mhz FSB 865perl and your bios is older than PO6

#2. look at Appendix A Troubleshooting the IA platform Trouble with windows shutdown. Think it's the PDF thumbnail 42 or 41. This is where troubleshooting shutdown says chances are it's an incompatible device driver [sound, network,] APM /ACPI incompatibility . Have you disabled APM / ACPI and see if that makes the problem go away?

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by brian In reply to

This is an XP group, bios had to be updated for Raid to work, not incompatible device driver because reinstall fixes it. Caused by installing Raid driver-it is incompatible. Computer was booting one drive with features and another without. Drive with features had repair reinstall run.

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by TheChas In reply to reconfigure shutdown opti ...

Right click on My Computer.

Select Properties.

Click on the hardware tab.

Click on the Device manager button.

Click on view.

Choose to view Hidden / All devices.

Expand branches as necessary, and find APM or ACPI.

Right click, and select Enable.

That will correct the shutdown issue, and should restore the additional options.

You may need to reinstall the Intel INF driver for the motherboard to correct everything.


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by brian In reply to

Really good idea. No good though. Here is the actual solution in my case.

If you are sure that your computer is ACPI-compliant, follow these steps:
In Control Panel, double-click System.
Click the Hardware tab, and then click Device Manager.
Expand the Computer branch, and then double-click the detected HAL. For example, double-click Standard PC.
Click the Driver tab, and then click Update Drivers.

Note You can only change or update your HAL from Device Manager under Computer Type when you change from a Standard PC HAL to an ACPI HAL. If you change from an ACPI HAL to a Standard HAL, you may not be able to start your computer.
Step 5: If the computer is not ACPI-compliant

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by brian In reply to reconfigure shutdown opti ...

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