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record DVD audio to CD?

By tkngo2009 ·
Dear Mr/Mrs Expert,

I have some wonder concerts DVD and sound tracks DVD that I wanted to listen in my car. The obvious solution is to get a DVD player in my car, but this solution is an expensive. So, I turn to my computer that also has a combo drive (Toshiba with CD-R and DVD) and hope that I can find a solution.

I have look at the Dazzle product lines but can not accept its quality. Dazzle does capture the audio but in "analog" NOT "digital" mode via RCA cables. This method of recording is sub-standard and does not reserve the DVD audio quality or even close to it.

Off course, DVD Rom has different decoding scheme than the CD and therefore it is not possible to record DVD directly to CD. My question was that is there asoftware out that can capture the DVD audio, converts it to wave, car CD playable format?

I appreciate your time and open for any suggestions you might have.

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record DVD audio to CD?

by TimTheToolMan In reply to record DVD audio to CD?


Normally we dont condone illegal activities at TechRepublic but...

I believe what you want to do IS legal so the following site contains the utilities you'll need to make the conversion.


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Record audio DVD to CD

by Manhattan787 In reply to record DVD audio to CD?

Except for using encoding or decoding skills to record DVD audio onto CD, you can also try to use software. You need to prepare a computer, an audio recorder and CD, DVD disc and use them to <a href="http://www.recordstreamingaudio.org/record-sound-from-dvd.html">record sound from DVD</a> first, then you only need to burn outputed compatible audio files on a blank CD. This way is a little troublesome, but steps are easily to be accomplished.

Specific details:
Play DVD on your computer.
Record sound as audio files with an audio recorder.
Use CD burner to burn audio on CD.

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