recording books in a database where they are part of a compendium of two or

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Some years ago Tech Republic published an article by Susan Sales Harkins entitled ‘’Accommodating a Many-to-Many relationship in Access”. In doing so she created a database for recording books and allowed for the recording of books that had more than one author. I found the database itself to be very functional; so much so that I use it myself to manage my own home library which consists of about one thousand books.
Yes! What happens when I have two or more copies of the same book? I simply get over this by adding Copy 1, Copy 2, and so on to the book title when I am adding it to the database.
There is another problem that I have, and one which I haven’t been able to solve, and that is where I have a book, which has its own ISBN, but which is a compendium of two or more books (Titles) by the same author.
Perhaps somebody out there has a solution to my dilemma. I would certainly appreciate any help that I can get.

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