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    recording cameras on computer

    by wouter94 ·



    I have a setup where I have 12 camera’s connected to my network. To that same network I have a computer that reads al these camera’s and records al the footage with D-viewcam. I have a monitor hooked up to the computer so that I can see the live footage and watch the recordings. This all works but my proccessor is running under 100% load all the time. This doesn’t seem to be to big of a problem but i’m wondering if this is healthy for the CPU.
    But my biggest problem is that when I try to take over the screen from an other computer on the same network with VNC viewer, I only get like 1 or 2 fps. I have noticed that when I go over cabled network in stead of over wifi, it goes a bit faster but not a lot.
    Now is my question what could be the bottleneck that causes it to run so slow? Is it the CPU, is it the network or could it be something else? Do you think it would help to put the camera system on a seperate VLan?

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      Is the concern “health”?

      by rproffitt ·

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      If a PC is made well, it’s a non-issue.

      The bottlenecks here are evident in the CPU load alone. At 100% there is no time left to service your VNC viewer.

      1. Good move to get wired. Less network overhead. Plus frees up WiFi for other uses (such as VNC use?)
      2. Is this system using HDDs? A lot of work I see in some DVR setups is the HDD overhead. Especially if the HDD has issues in the SMART VALUES 01 and or 07 (Use SPECCY to see those values.)
      3. 100% CPU load. It’s busy doing what it’s doing. I don’t expect this computer to do anything else well.

      4. NO. I don’t expect another VLAN to help. Your 100% CPU will still be 100%. Getting wired of course does help.

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        by wouter94 ·

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        the opertating system of the computer is running on an SSD. But the footage of the cameras is saved on an HDD. A wdc wd5000aadx-753ca1.

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          Without a big overhaul.

          by rproffitt ·

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          The HDD looks to be a run of the mill 500GB HDD so as a test:
          1. Run SPECCY and see if the raw values of 01 or 07 are off in the thousands. (Fail!)
          2. Change the HDD to SSD and see if performance is better.
          3. Supply a full Speccy report link here for me to look over.

          Read how at

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          thanks for info

          by wouter94 ·

          In reply to Without a big overhaul.

          Thanks for the info, but the computer i’m talking about is property of my work so i’m not allowed to make a lot of changes to it. I was just cheking if there was something is could do and already could have a besic understanding of what was wrong. because once i go to the IT with the problem I’m probably gone have to wait a while for a solution bacause they are overflowing with work. but now that I might have some ideas of how to fix it, it might go a bit faster.

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          I’ll have to know more.

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to thanks for info

          The Web Speccy report could tell us where to focus. But as it stands I see nothing unexpected as to the VNC performance. The CPU is just plain busy. The Web Speccy might show why.

          Since it’s a work issue, this is definitely something for IT to solve. You don’t have to solve it for them.

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      Cameras on PC Low FPS

      by jenniemiller ·

      In reply to recording cameras on computer

      Check Your RAM or HDD.

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