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Recording Industry Drops the Ball

By ElliotRoss ·
To me, the Napster fiasco shows how insolent and out of touch the large recording companies have been. Let this be a lesson to all IT management of how not to use your future technology crystal ball. Ignore it and it may go away will not work. In 5 minutes I can think of one way the RIA could have been on the fore front of this years ago. An exec talk with a senior Network Associates exec. Distribute the music free with nagware in the track. Unlock the nagware when you lay out your money. Hiding behind obsolete technolgy and law won't help in the least. IMHO

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Good thoughts, though...

by generalist In reply to Recording Industry Drops ...

The nagware concept is a good one, though I suspect there would soon be a nagware remover on the web not long after it is implemented.

Of course the nagware could always use some sort of encrypted key that is unique with every download. But thatmight be avoided when people start swapping 'unnagged' copies.

It might be best if individual artists got their start on the web and made their money with aftermarket items like tee-shirts, posters and concerts. This would make it possible for newbies to show their stuff without the 'blessings' of a recording studio. Start small and use the web to develop an international audience.

And by publishing on the web, with links to various copyright organizations, the individual artist may be able to copyright their lyrics and music and have solid proof that they are the ones that wrote it. This could, optimistically speaking, avoid the 'stolen music' problem that happens when a big name star uses something that may have come from an unknown.

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